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Dog foods come in a dizzying array of brands and types, and it’s easy for dog owners (even the seasoned ones) to get confused. Fortunately, there is a way for dog owners to make the best selection by focusing on the essentials of each type of dog food, and what people’s experiences are. This is the most potent approach that will help you make the best decision about your dog’s nutrition.

Dogs are morphologically different, and the differences in their physiologies also translate to differences in nutritional requirements, food tolerances, and how much they should be fed. Size your dog properly and you will gain a better understanding of what type of food your dog needs, and how much.

This dog food guide combines the most effective dog foods and categorizes them based on the size of the dogs that they are most appropriate for. Giving the right type of food to your dog will ensure they are getting the right type of nutrients and in the correct levels, too.

Vet-Recommended Dog Food

Veterinarians often recommend special diets to suit your companion. This is especially true if your companion suffers from skin disease as it often goes hand in hand with food allergies. Veterinarians also recommend special diets with various disease processes, for example, urinary diet if your dog is prone to stones in their urinary tract or hepatic diet if your dog has acute or chronic liver disease. If your veterinarian recommended a special diet for your pet, this is a great tool. One thing I run into on a daily basis in consultations – companion animals that are picky eaters! So use this tool to help you choose the appropriate and most palatable special diet for your companion.

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Best Vet Recommended Food for Small Dogs

Our top picks by your dog’s needs

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*Medium dogs have slightly different nutritional requirements than smaller breeds as some of them have low energy issues stemming from in-born defects..

Best Vet Recommended Food for Medium Dogs

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*Large dogs require more calories and nutrients for proper muscle development, tissue repair, and regular day to day activities.

Best Vet Recommended Food for Large Dogs

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DogGear Philosophy

Getting the best food for your dog is paramount to your pet’s health. Paying attention to proper sizing as well as the proportions of your dog’s meal will pay dividends as your dog gets older. If these vet recommended foods aren’t exactly what you were looking for, be sure to visit our main dog food page for other specialty selections to include high protein, grain-free, hypoallergenic and more. We also have reviews of the top dog food brands and a whole lot more.

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To find the best vet recommended dog food, select to begin by breed or by size

What Type Of Dog Food Should You Get?

How to Choose the Best Dog Food for Your Dog

While there is no hard and fast rule on what should be fed to dogs, there are key points that should be followed in order to stay within the lane of best practices. How well do you know dog food and dog nutrition? Take our quiz now and find out.

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