Valentine’s Gifts for Your Pet Soulmate

There’s nothing better than spending Valentine’s Day with “the one,” your true soulmate and life partners. These partners have many forms in our lives from best friends, to romantic partners, and of course, our favorite furry sidekicks! Here are some fun Valentine themed ideas to treat yourself and your beloved pet to a romantic celebration.


While you might want to curl up with a bottle of wine and chocolate hearts for the night, your pups don’t have to miss out on the fun. There are numerous dog friendly biscuits, including these adorable “Be Mine” ones from Blue Buffalo in the vein of Valentine’s Day. Or you can check out your local bakeries to see if they offer seasonal holiday treats for your dog.  If you’d rather treat your dog to a romantic holiday dinner yourself, there are numerous recipes on Pinterest from paw shaped cookies to healthy dog bone biscuits.


You and your pup can both enjoy a glass of wine or a beer this Valentine’s Day with one of the numerous pet friendly and non-alcoholic beverages. PetWinery has a selection of different beers and wines for your dog. Their wine is made from filtered water, infused with organic bacon extract and enriched salmon oil. The wine contains no salt or artificial preservatives and fish oil has multiple benefits for pets including anti-inflammatory, reduced inflammation from allergies, promoting a healthy coat, and is important in brain and eye development. Before serving these beverages and introducing something new to your pet’s diet, please consult with your veterinarian.


A heart shaped plushie toy or a bouquet of chewable plushie roses with a squeaky toy in each stem can keep your pup occupied and content this Valentine’s Day if you’re looking for a quiet night in with your beloved pet to curl up on the couch together.


If you fancy a walk or a night out on the town with your pet, than a fetching new collar or red and pink hoodie will keep your pet warm. There are also numerous collars with heart shaped candies across them with words like “Be Mine” and “Forever Yours,” to get you and your pet in the romantic spirit.


Bath time might not be you or your pet’s favorite activity, but a new bathing glove in the shape of a heart or some strawberry scented shampoo could make the experience more enjoyable. You can give them a good scrub while you tell them that you only do this because you “love them!”

Whether you go all out for a four-course meal with your pet, a romantic walk in your neighborhood, or simply snuggle them up for a few episodes of Netflix, the main thing is that you get to spend some quality time with your pet.