Training Your Personal Service Dog

Is training your dog to provide personal services possible? Having the skills of professional trainers is the number one choice for anyone needing a service dog. Unfortunately, there are times when someone simply cannot afford to pay for services outside of their home. At the same time, those people need to be able to control their pets and work closely with their dog to train it to help in some way.

What can you personally do to assist your dog to learn how to assist you when needed? One of the most respected rules is to:

Learn your dog as you wish for your dog to learn you!

Many people speak to dogs as if they are little children. This may be the case in situations where the dog may be a bit young and still learning the ropes, but these animals are very fast learners if done right. Treating them like they matter is extremely important because they will in turn continue with their focus on you as well. It is all about love.

Treating these additional loved ones for what they are, animals, you will be able to synchronize actions and understanding between the two of you. This includes hand signals, facial and body expressions. These things are extremely important between you as the master and your pet. After some time it becomes pretty much second nature because the two of you will have grown much closer in both love and understanding.

The greatest gifts of love that we are able to give children are love, understanding and education. The same applies to the little furry guys and girls that we live with. The following tips may become of use to you along your journey as you learn how to train your dog to be a service dog.

The first recommendation from me as an insider is that if at all possible, hire a service dog trainer that is caring and considerate of both you and your pet. Their services can be invaluable and extremely helpful.

As a second recommendation, I believe it is very important to emphasize the value of practicing important signals with your dog. Recently, I had the honor of viewing a service dog training video that brought to light a few different techniques that I was not much aware of. Immediately after becoming aware of these very simple things, I acted on them instantly and the results were pretty much immediate as well.

A great example of the immediate change occurred when friends and family were instructed to use only one word or phrase for certain things. Instead of everyone using different terms like “go poo”, “pody potty”, etc. this very simple thing is helping both us and our little furry side kick. She is becoming a wonderful personal buddy for her owner, which is elderly and unable to handle such an energetic dog without training.

A third recommendation that I wish to interject is to make life a little easier for your pet as he or she will be working hard enough trying to love you from the time the sun brightens your day and the night falls upon you. If trained right, pets often become very good little care providers in their own little ways. The bottom line is that a lot of patience and understanding can go a long way.

Helping your dog to learn how servicing you can also help the two of you be of service to one another will pay off over many years. An additional plus is that your pet will also learn mannerisms that makes it easier to control him or her in social surroundings. Good luck with your efforts.