Tips To Train Your Dog To Not Jump On Furniture

If you are a dog owner but you are tired of having your dog on your furniture, you might assume there is no hope. The truth is, there is plenty that can be done to keep your dog off your furniture. Below, we will be going over a few of the top ways to train your dog to not jump on your furniture.

Tips For Keeping Dogs Off Your Furniture:

1. Consistency.

The most important thing that you are going to want to do when you are looking to keep your dog off your furniture is looking for consistency within your household. To really ensure that you are able to keep your dog from getting on your furniture, everyone that lives in the house must insist on enforcing the rule. If one single member in your house does not enforce the rule consistently, the dog is never going to learn that it is to be avoided. You will need to set the same standard across the board to really teach your dog that your couch is off limits.

2. Train Your Dog The ‘Off’ Command.

You are going to want to be sure that your dog understands the ‘off’ command prior to enforcing the rule of keeping your dog off the couch. Without your dog understanding what ‘off’ means, you are going to have minimal success at teaching them to remain off your furniture. When your dog is completely aware of the ‘off’ command, he or she is going to be able to understand what you mean when you tell them to get ‘off’ the furniture. You will want to continue to allow your dog to touch your furniture and to put his or her paws on the furniture so you can continue to verbally command them to stay off. You will be able to train your dog directly with your furniture for even better understanding. To do this, you will want to use your dog’s favorite treat as a reward.

3. Get Your Dog A Bed.

One of the main reasons your dog wants to lay on your furniture has to do with comfort. Your dog, like yourself, finds your furniture comfortable. Therefore, you want to be able to provide your dog with a comfortable means of resting. The best way to do this is by providing your dog with furniture or a bed of his/her own. By giving your dog something to lay on, they won’t be nearly as tempted to get on your furniture because they will have something that offers themselves the same level of comfort. Along with being comfortable for your dog, you will be able to teach them that they are to choose their own bed when you are telling them they can’t sit on your furniture.

4. Don’t Let Them In The Room.

If you are someone that is having a hard time getting your dog to listen to you when you tell them to not get on the furniture, one of the best ways to avoid it from happening is by simply not letting your dog get into the room with the furniture in the first place. By doing this, you will be able to completely eliminate the issue altogether because your dog will be walled off. You can use a gate or something to keep your dog from entering the room with the furniture. This can be especially good if you notice that your dog typically goes onto your furniture when you are not at home.

By following the tips above, you should be able to keep your dog from getting onto your furniture. You want to be as consistent as possible when it comes to enforcing the rule and eventually your dog will understand your furniture is off-limits.