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Tips for Surviving Dog Night at Your Local Minor League Stadium

A new breed of baseball fans emerged in the local minor league stadiums all over the world. Four-legged adorable creatures grace the baseball games and they bring a new wave of happy cheers to the crowd. It is such a satisfying and enjoyable experience to share your passion with baseball with your canine friend. Ticket sales are definitely boosted whenever dogs are allowed to come to the ballgame. Not only do dogs bring joy to their pet parents, but their cuteness and energy spreads like wildfire to the audience, and they don’t even have to play ball to gain hundreds of fans.

Reasons for bring your dog to a local minor league stadium

Brining your furry friend to a local baseball game is a fun experience for both you as the dog parent and your dog.It’s your chance to dress up your pooch with baseball dog uniforms, headbands, and other attractive accessories. It is the perfect time to parade your dog in front of all the ballgame fans and have your heart filled with happiness because you are contributing to the cheers of the crowd.A dog night in a ballgame is indeed a great bonding moment for you both.

Typical promotions for brining your dog in a ballgame

  • Pre-event registration
  • Pregame dog parade
  • Dog costume contests and judging
  • Separate seat area for fans with dogs
  • No fireworks to prevent chaos
  • Fundraising for dog causes
  • Dog adoptions
  • Dog tricks like Frisbee

Tips for surviving a local minor baseball game with your pooch

You are a baseball fan through and through, and you want to watch the local minor league because you simply don’t want to miss it for the world. But at the same time you want to bring your pooch to the stadium. You have to make sure that you will enjoy the game and finish it by ensuring that your pooch is well-trained. You cannot afford to have your dog creating a huge fuss in the middle of the game and you would have to leave. The following are tips for a surviving a whole dog night watching a baseball game.

Check requirements

When you hear about a baseball game in your area that allows dog to come, hold your horses and don’t get too excited and purchase tickets right away. Inquire about the requirements first, and see to it that you can complete everything before the actual game. Remember that every local minor league has different requirements for a Dog Day at the ballpark, and so you need to double check what are needed in this particular game.

Abide by the rules of the stadium

Every stadium has their own set of rules and guidelines. Most of the time, the rules are posted online, so make it a habit to always check for the do’s and don’ts in bringing your dog to a ballgame. Typically, you will be required to agree to a waiver of liability and sign the document. You will be asked to provide your pet’s vaccination records to ensure that your pooch is healthy and safe for humans. You will also be required to put your canine companion on a leash all the time, and stay on the allocated area for pet parents and dogs. Also, always be prepared to clean up the mess, so bring poop bags with you.

Consider your dog’s feelings

Yes, you love to bring your canine friend to a ballgame, but you also need to consider how your dog will feel inside a stadium full of people and shouting fans. Not to mention the flying ball. Test the waters by bringing your dog to a practice baseball game in your area, and see of your dog will run after the ball or will respond well to the crowd. If your pooch hates to be with many people, then you have to reconsider your options. Of course, you can always train your dog using commands and treats.

Bring water and treats

Ballgames can get very hot, so make sure to bring water for your dog to avoid dehydration. When the baseball games is in the light of day, be ready to bring your dog to shade when the temperature gets too hot. Also, bring a lot of treats so you can control your dog all the time in sitting beside you without causing any fuss.

Put on a leash

There are many dogs in stadium for the local ballgame event. Make sure that you have your dog’s leash on at all times, to prevent any issues with running away or getting into fights with other dogs.

No overfeeding

Baseball games normally have a lot of foods for sale like hotdogs and burgers. No matter how tempting it can be, do not over-feed your dog during a ballgame. You can give your pooch the usual dog treats in order to reward good behavior of sitting down without causing problems. But don’t go beyond what is the normal food consumption of your furry friend. You simply don’t want your dog to experience gastrointestinal problems while you are enjoying your baseball game.

Always be prepared to leave early

No one wants to leave a baseball game early before the game ends. But as a pet owner, you need to be always ready to leave anytime, especially when your pooch is very uncomfortable in the crowd. Though you can take precautions and train your dog to behave in the sea of people and dogs, it is still a huge possibility that your beloved pet will need to go home. This will surely be irritating and frustrating for you, but don’t take your anger out on your pooch.

Accept reality

Not all dogs are born to enjoy a local minor league, and not all dogs can survive the heat and cheery noises in a stadium. If your dog is not a social type and has aversion to the crowd, you need to accept the reality that you cannot bring your pooch to a ballgame.

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