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The Worst Treats for Dogs

Who doesn’t want to give their dog treats for doing something great? Almost every dog owner uses treats as a form of reward for their pets. Being able to teach your pet dog what you want it to do, along with good behavior and using treats to reward them is a great way of training them. However, not all of the treats you can think of are safe for your beloved pet. But what type of treats can harm your pet? Below are some of the worst treats you can give your dog:

  1. Chocolate – Chocolate may sound like a great treat, but it actually contains substances that can be harmful to your pet. Too much chocolate can cause your pet to feel dehydrated or become excessively thirsty, seizures, and it may also lead to irregular heartbeats. Sometimes, too much may even be fatal to your pet dog, so it’s best to stay away from these treats.
  2. Grapes – Grapes may seem harmless, but they are among those fruits that aren’t really recommended for your pet dog. Your dog might like them, but grapes can cause depression, fatigue and even kidney failure for your dog, even if they are consumed in small amounts. If you’ve accidentally given your pet dog some grapes, make sure to watch out for signs of poisoning such as vomiting.
  3. Macadamia Nuts – Nuts can easily be given to your dog, and they may seem harmless. However, macadamia nuts can lead muscle tremors, fever, increased heart rates, and fever as well.
  4. Rawhide Treats and Chew Toys – This type of dog treats are readily available in the market, however, they can be harmful for your dog. What is rawhide? Rawhide is made from the inner soft later of an animal, usually a cow. However, it can be mixed with other chemicals as well. It also contains a lot of artificial flavors to make it taste better for your dog. Among the negative effects of rawhide treats on your pet are:
    • Choking
    • Obstruction in the digestive system
    • Toxic (because of the chemicals used to process the treat)

What You Can Do

The good thing is that there are now a lot of natural treats available for your pet. However, some of these natural treats can still contain starch, which isn’t really the best ingredient. So what can you do to make sure that you are feeding good treats to your dog and making sure that they area kept healthy? Below are some tips:

  • Don’t Give Your Pet Too Much Treats – Treats, even if they are natural and healthy, shouldn’t be given too often. Try to limit giving your dog treats, and do it only when you feel that they should be rewarded for their behavior. Treats aren’t exactly the main source of nutrition for your pet so too much of it can lead to obesity.
  • Choose High-Quality Treats – When buying dog treats, make sure that it doesn’t contain grains or fillers, added sugar like honey or molasses, and other chemicals and preservatives.
  • Prepare Your Own – You can also try to make the treats yourself. For example, you can use chicken strips as a treat and make them as chicken jerky. To do this, you can just slice chicken breasts into thin strips and bake them for approximately three hours at 180 degrees.

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