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The Lifetime Costs of Owning a Dog

Thinking of getting a dog? Dogs are fun, loyal, and cute. Dogs offer companionship that can be priceless. But have you ever thought about the expenses that come along with them? Many people are expected to be prepared about lifetime costs of buying a car or a house, but owning a dog isn’t really a thing that is usually thought out of. If you’ve found yourself wanting to get a dog of your own, then it might also be important to consider the lifetime costs that come along with it. Owning a dog isn’t really the cheapest decision. So what lifetime costs should you expect if you plan on buying your own dog?

The Cost of Buying a Dog

The first thing to consider is the cost of purchasing a dog itself. If you are planning on buying a purebred dog, expect to shell out a larger amount of money. However, you can also consider adoption as well.

  • Purebred Dogs – Purebred dogs will cost around at least five hundred dollars, which can even go up to a thousand dollars, depending on the type of breed you plan on getting. If you are also going to buy a dog from a reputable breeder as well, the costs may even be much more expensive.
  • Mixed-breed Dogs – If you are interested in mixed-breed dogs, you can get one from a reputable shelter. Adopting a dog from a shelter will cost a lot less than buying from a breeder. Expect to shell out approximately fifty dollars up to about a hundred or two, depending on the breed. You may even find purebred dogs in specific shelters as well.

Vaccines and Veterinarian Care

Routine visits to the veterinarian are also expected when you have a pet dog. This will include general check-ups, along with vaccines and other preventive medications. Dental care is important as well. Expect costs for medical care to range between seven hundred to a thousand dollars yearly, depending on your dog’s needs and medications. Also expect to shell out more money in case of emergencies.

Dog Supplies/Toys

Accessories and other dog supplies such as leashes, collars, toys and other items are important for the overall well being of your dog as well. Expect to spend about twenty to a hundred dollars on such equipment and supplies in a year, depending on your preference or your dog’s needs. You may need to spend more on bedding, leashes and other essential items for your dog as well.


The type of grooming your dog will need depends on the type of hair coat it has. If your dog has smooth and short hair, then it may need less grooming compared to other breeds. Be prepared to spend at leas thirty to hundreds of dollars a year on grooming depending on the type of dog you are planning on buying.

Food and Treats

Food and treats are important as well, and they are an essential need for your pet dog. Remember to feed your dog high-quality food and healthy treats. Food and treats will cost about twenty to sixty or seventy dollars a month.

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