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The Best Robot Mops for Dog Owners

Finally, a little help with one of the most painful chores in the house: the mop and bucket got a much-needed upgrade. After our dog had an accident or tracked in mud on a rainy day, we were sick of dragging that heavy bucket around. We found a high-quality robot mop to be a great way to maintain clean flooring, no matter what adventures our dog was going out. We put our testing experience to work for you and found the top choices on the market today.

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The shining star of this review is the iDog launcher. This unit has five different distance settings, as opposed to three on the other systems. It’s well priced, and the balls are easily interchangeable with standard tennis balls. The DogGear team members love the remote control and the fact that it comes standard with rechargeable batteries.

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In order to find the most capable little machines, we had to run a series of tests to make sure they checked off all the boxes needed for your home.

Coverage – The amount of space a robot mop can cover makes a big impact on how useful it can be around the house.

Noise – We looked for models that were as silent as possible (as to not disturb your dog) yet still effective.

Controls – Smartphones and other controls are a must. It is supposed to be convenient to use, which means no complications.

Everything You Need to Know About Robot Mops

Like many of us, you can no longer perform daily house chores because of your busy work schedule. And after a long, tiring day from work, you do not want to clean the floor with a bucket and mop after your dog makes a mess.

Have no fear. There’s a mop for that.

You will not hear any complaints, because we now have robots that can mop for you!

If you plan to buy a robot mop, then this is the perfect opportunity to assess which one will best fit your lifestyle and needs.

First, you should know what to look for. We will also provide you a list of the best robot mops to choose from.

Main Factors in Buying a Robot Mop

Maybe the first thing you need to know is whether you can afford one of these bad boys because they can get costly. The usual price of robot mops ranges between $150-$500. Robot mops have amazing cleaning power and versatility which affect their prices. Advanced models or hybrids are more expensive.

Robot mops have two types: single purpose and hybrids. Single-purpose mops require you to dry sweep your floor first before mopping and cleaning those swept areas. On the other hand, hybrid mops can both mop and vacuum your floors. These hybrids have advanced features like using your phone or voice to control movement.

Room size
You need to consider the space where your robot mop will perform its job. Big homes need a large water tank attached to the mop so that you do not have to refill often. Robot mops with smaller water tanks require more frequent refills.

Battery life
On average, a 60-minute battery is best for typical houses and single-floor homes. However, for larger indoor spaces, the ideal battery should last around 90 minutes or more.

Your robot mops must have sensors that will help them to detect stairs, rugs, and carpets. This feature will help them avoid getting stuck or falling down the stairs. Their sensors must also help them to spot the area to be cleaned.

Set up
You should know how to charge the batteries, set up the attachments, and clean and fill the water tanks. The simpler it is for you to do these things, the better the robot mop.

Not all robot mops are effective in navigation and performance. Some of them get stuck under your furniture or get lost, usually when the battery runs down. The capability of robot mops to stay on track depends on the model so make sure to pick the best product based on reviews.

Different models have different benefits and drawbacks. You should consider the many options for cleaning mode such as dry, damp, and wet mopping. The size of the area it can clean is another factor to be checked. You also need to see if your robot mop can do its spot cleaning and clean hard-to-reach places. Timed cleaning or cleaning schedules are also features that a robot mop can perform.

The Best Robot Mops

iRobot Braava 380t Robot Mop
If you want a quiet and small-sized robot mop, the iRobot Braava 380t is a good match for you! This robot mop can run efficiently for 4-5 hours and can clean between 350 and 1,000 square feet on its battery. This model is only 4.5 inches high and 8.5 inches wide.
There are two mopping modes: dry sweep and wet mop. It can also perform on different floor types such as hardwood, tile, or stone. Cleaning hard-to-reach points in your home like corners or along edges is its best feature because it has advanced navigation features that help it from getting stuck or lost. Its cleaning cloths are easy to maintain, and it works with other disposable cleaning cloths. You can charge it in two hours and can clean up to 4-5 hours.

iRobot Braava Jet 240 Robot Mop
If you have a small area to clean, this Braava model will suit you. This robot mop is highly recommended for hardwood floors. This particular model stands out because it can perform three cleaning functions such as dry sweep, wet mop, and damp mop. However, because of its short run time of only about an hour, it is not the best choice for large areas. Depending on its cleaning mode, it can clean up to 200 square feet while mopping or up to 250 square feet while sweeping. It is ideal for tighter places like bathrooms or kitchens.
One highly notable feature that this model has is its capability to automatically select the correct cleaning mode! Amazing, right? If you want a heavy duty cleaning, just know that Braava Jet 240 can combat against tough stains because it is armed with powerful jet sprays!

If you are looking for a robot mop that can function effectively on all types of floors, ECOVACS DEEBOT M80 Pro is the robot mop for you! This robot mop is recommended by many because it is easy to use and can be controlled using a smartphone app. This robot is very quiet when performing its job whether mopping (wet or dry) or vacuuming so if you have issues in noise, then you found your quiet machine.
This robot mop has a long battery life with a large dust bin and water tank. Despite its advanced features, the market price of this robot mop is within average range.


After a long day you just want to sit on your couch and enjoy your favorite show. You do not want to worry about the mess in your home. So what are you waiting for? Find the robot mop that will work for you.