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The Best Food Brands For Dogs & Puppies

Find the Perfect Dog Food Brands For Your Pup

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The latest advancements in canine nutrition have made it possible for you to provide just what your pet needs in order to live a long and healthy life. Being informed about your pet’s nutritional needs will help you determine the food that will best ensure his continued health and well-being.

Knowing how much to food your dog is just as important as what you are fooding him. This is why sizing your pet is so important. Here at DogGear, we organize dogs into one of three categories, depending on their weight. Larger dogs will of course need more food than smaller dogs.

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The following guide will help you determine the most suitable food for your dog. In addition to product descriptions, we also include the pros and cons of each product. Small dogs are very energetic, but many of them can be finicky eaters. In most cases, they will require special food that fulfills their nutritional needs. Our favorite brands for these breeds are up first!

Best Dog Food Brands

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Best Food Brands for Dogs

Best Food Brands for Small Dogs

Our top picks by your dog’s needs

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*In general, medium-sized dogs aren’t as picky about their food as smaller dogs. This makes it easier for pet owners to find suitable dog food options, and our favorites are up next.

Best Food Brands for Medium Dogs

Our top picks by your dog’s needs

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*Large-breed dogs commonly serve as security or rescue dogs, and companions. They can be quite friendly and affectionate, and many make suitable pets for children. As with all other types of dogs, proper nutrition is essential for keeping large-breed dogs in good health, so up next are our favorite brands for large dogs!

Best Food Brands for Large Dogs

Our top picks by your dog’s needs

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DogGear Philosophy

Dogs that live in the wild live tend to have shorter lifespans than domesticated dogs due to inadequate care and nutrition. As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to provide your pet with what he needs for a long and healthy life. Part of this responsibility involves ensuring a healthy and well balanced diet. Your dog’s size will have to be taken into consideration when determining the most suitable dog food to purchase. The following quiz is intended to help you determine what the best dog food is for your pet. It only requires a few minutes of your time, but it will help us give you an informed recommendation as to the best food for your pet.

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