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Tips For Swimming With Your Dog

There are a lot of dogs that love to swim and you might want to join them in the water. Swimming can be great exercise for both you and your pet. If this is something that you want to do, you need to know some tips to ensure this is done safely.

Let Them Adjust To The Water

Before you go swimming with your dog, you should play around the water first. This is particularly important if you are unsure about whether or not your dog loves the water. There are many water-loving breeds, but not all dogs of these breeds will actually enjoy being in the water.

To help your dog adjust to the water, you should throw a ball for them to chase in the shallow areas. This will help your dog associate the water with fun. If your dog is still unsure about the water, you should try a few play sessions to clam them.

You should also allow your pet to walk around the perimeter of the water while they are on land. This will help them assess everything and help them understand what is waiting for them. You should wait until your dog shows signs of being happy and relaxed around the water before you attempt anything. Trying to swim with an uncomfortable dog can cause a fear of water which takes years to deal with.

Train Them To Safely Enter And Exit The Water

If you are going to be swimming with your dog in your pool, you need to teach them to safely enter and exit the water. It is recommended that you train your dog to enter and leave the water on command. This will ensure that they only enter the water after you have deemed it safe for them.

If your dog is unable to follow commands while on land, you should not take them swimming with you. A dog that is not obedient on land will become less so when they enter the water and start to have fun. The best way to determine if your dog is ready for the water is to assess how competent they are with off-leash obedience commands.

Allow Them To Enter The Water

You should never throw your dog into the water. The change in temperature can be a shock to their system and this can cause a number of problems. Doing this could also make them fearful of the water and they will become anxious when near it.

Instead, you should always allow your dog to enter the water on their own. There are some dogs that jump into the water while others prefer to step in. Regardless of how they enter the water, they need to do this without your help.

If you are going to make swimming with your dog a regular event in your pool, you may want to install a ramp. These special ramps are known as scamper ramps and will be placed on the side of the pool. It will make it easier for your dog to get in and out of the water, but you will have to demonstrate how to use it first.

Use A Lifejacket

Lifejackets are important for people and for your dog. You can generally find them at your local pet store or online. They will help keep your dog afloat if they get tired and will help you lift them out of the water.

These lifejackets will also have reflective trims which are important if you are swimming in a lake. Being able to see your dog easily is very important for their safety. Dog lifejackets come in a range of different colors allowing you to choose one that suits your dog’s personality.


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