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Our take on Ollie’s custom meals for dogs

  • THE SCOOP: Fresh, custom-made meal plans delivered directly to your door.

  • PROS: Go all-in or choose to supplement your dog's diet with Ollie's high-protein and fresh produce recipes.

  • CONS: While going "All Ollie" is pretty expensive, we love that you can choose the "Some Ollie" plan to help stick to a budget.

By Al Morrison - Review Editor - Jul 22, 2019

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RANKED #1 of 10

  • Ingredient Quality -20% 10

  • Dog Satisfaction -20% 9

  • Ease of Customization -20% 8

  • Customer Service -20% 9

  • Recipe Variety -20% 9

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Our Verdict

Ollie is Taking Over the Dog Food World with Made-to-Order Food Straight to Your Door

Ollie is improving the quality of care that pet owners can now provide to their four-legged friends with made-to-order dog food. Instead of feeding dogs kibble that has a long shelf life, fresh options can now be provided to improve the health and well-being of the dog. The company stands out in the pet industry because it’s tailored to meet your dog’s specific needs with a customized meal plan. The specific meal plan that is served is based on their breed, age, activity level, allergies, and ideal weight to ensure their portion is accurate.

Ollie stands out amongst other pet food companies because of the quality ingredients used in each meal. Human-grade ingredients you can trust are used for added peace of mind and food that can’t get much healthier. Dogs can indulge in high-quality meat that is sourced directly from family-run farms in both the U.S. and Australia. Fruits and veggies are main ingredients also used, which are gently cooked to preserve their nutrients. Additional superfoods like chia seeds are added to the recipes, which are full of omega-3 fatty acids to improve skin conditions, cognitive function, allergies, and arthritis. Zero fillers are used, which means not having to worry about your dog consuming artificial flavors, preservatives, or by-products that are often found in most dog food products on the market.

Dogs favor the fresh and flavorful meals prepared over traditional wet or dry dog food and never tire of the options that are available. The meal plans include beef, chicken, turkey, and lamb recipes to satisfy each dog’s hearty appetite and also accommodate even the pickiest of eaters. All of the meals are vet-formulated to ensure they’re packed with proper nutrition to improve the overall well-being and health of the pet. Your dog can continue to thrive and grow at any stage of their life with a change in their diet. The company will even refund the first box ordered if the dog doesn’t dig right in after the meals are served.

Not only is Ollie passionate about helping pooches to stay healthy throughout their life, but they also make the services convenient for the pet owner. All meals are delivered directly to the door (or doggie door) with a delivery schedule used, which is flexible and can be adjusted based on the subscriber’s preferences. Pet owners never have to worry about heading to the store to pick up another bag of kibble and won’t run out of food once they subscribe.

The main benefit of ordering food with Ollie is the improvement in health that many dogs experience. Pet owners (and members of our team) report that their four-legged friends begin to experience more energy, fewer allergies, a healthier weight, and a shinier coat.

Ollie not only wants to improve the health of pets in thousands of homes but also gives back a portion of their profits. 1% of their revenue is donated to their rescue organization partners, which includes the Sato Project. Their level of care extends beyond the food they prepare to ensure that each meal that is consumed contributes to an additional cause.

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