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How to Select the Right Puppy

When it comes to owning a new pet, it can often be exciting to find a puppy that is playful and cuddly. Although all pups are adorable, it’s important to find one that fits well into your home and proves to be a loyal companion in the coming years. Once you’re ready to select the right puppy, there are a few necessary tips to follow.

Talk to the Owner

You’ll need to learn the background of the puppy before you decide to take him home to ensure you understand its habits, personality, and appetite. Ask the current owner if the puppy has suffered from any digestive issues and what type of food they eat each day. You’ll also need to ask if the dog has received any vaccinations or if they’ve been treated for parasites to get an understanding of their overall health. All dogs should be de-wormed every two weeks once they’re two weeks old.

Perform a Pre-Purchase Exam

Many people who are looking to purchase a dog for the first time aren’t aware that they can perform a pre-purchase exam at the veterinarian. Most reputable breeders and adoption organizations will allow you to have a period of 72 hours with the dog before the agreement is finalized. During this time, you’ll want to take the animal to your local vet to have it examined to determine if it’s suffering from any existing conditions. This includes examining their heartbeat, checking their lymph nodes, looking for fleas or ticks, examining the eyes and ears, and assessing their teeth and gums. If any issues are present, you can determine if it’s worth keeping the puppy for you. In many cases, the breeder will be willing to pay for the costs involved if you still plan on keeping the dog.

Consider The Dog’s Size and Needs

Make a list of the top breeds you’d like to purchase with your new puppy. Each type of breed has a different energy level, temperament, and average life expectancy. You’ll also need to research how large the puppy will become as an adult to determine if you can accommodate it in your home or have enough space in the backyard. Some dogs require more grooming, depending on the type of fur that they have. Others need to be walked and exercised more throughout the week, which means you should have the time and energy to provide proper care. Understanding what comes with each breed will allow you to make the right selection.

Knowing how to select the right puppy can allow you to find a dog that can be your best friend and will fit well into your home and lifestyle. With a bit of research and by meeting the dog in person, you can decide which one is meant to come home with you.


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