How to Move Cross-Country With Your Dog

Most pet owners consider their dogs as part of their family, and you can probably relate to this statement if you have one. Since dogs are regarded as part of thefamily, moving cross-country includes your beloved pet as well. However, moving across the country can be quite stressful. Packing, selling your house and things, cleaning, and organizing the move can require a lot of effort, and be time consuming as well. But have you ever wondered how your dog will react to this change as well? It is important to be able to plan and prepare for how you will be moving cross-country with your dog to make sure that you don’t stress it and make a smooth transition. How do you do this? Below are some tips on how to move cross-country with your pet dog:

Plan and Research

To make your move and travel successful, you need to plan and research, and this includes the method of transportation that you will be using. If you will be having a long-drive, then you should make sure that your pet is prepared for it as well. Make sure that your pet has food, water, and a secured crate. Also include blankets, chew toys, and other things that it might need. You may want to practice driving with your pet to help them get used to it. Also plan ahead regarding the stops you will be having, or if you’ll be spending the night somewhere.

If you will be taking plane, then you should research about certain rules or laws regarding traveling with pets. You may want to call the airlines for discuss your situation.

At the end of the day, make sure that you research state laws regarding the import of pets before traveling, so that you don’t find yourself surprised or unprepared in case something comes up. Also, be sure never to include your pet in a moving truck with your other things when moving. This can put your pet in danger.

Pack Your Pet’s Belongings And Be Prepared

Since your pet is already part of your family, you should also prepare its things as well. You can label its crate with your pet’s name, but make sure you include your name, address and contact details as well.

Also be aware and be prepared about possible reactions of your pet regarding the move. Dogs are smart, and they will most likely realize that something is different. Your pet may start to act nervous, and make sure that you will be prepared to soothe it. Be prepared for possible anxiousness, vomiting, or other forms of stress. While you are packing, you may also want to leave your pet in a room where it can have fun and not think of the stress that may come with moving.

Be Prepared To Sto

If you will be traveling a long distance by car, make sure that you make stopovers. While you may be able to endure long drives, your pet dog will probably want to get some fresh air, stretch its legs, urinate, or eat. Also be sure to prepare some medicines because there are pets that might get carsick.

Soothe Your Pet

During the move, your pet will feel overwhelmed, so you may want to consider hiring a professional moving company. This is so that you can focus on your dog and give it your whole attention during the activity. This way, you will also be able to soothe your pet and calm it, reducing its overall stress. Moving cross-country with your pet should be planned carefully, and you can also take your pet’s personality in consideration to make sure that the process will be a good experience.

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