How to Keep Your Pets Safe from Suburban Coyotes

Coyotes are prevalent in many suburban areas, as urbanization has caused them to search for shelter and food far closer to civilization than they previously would have strove for. This presents a danger to both people and pets, as many suburban communities have been afflicted by coyotes. Coyotes are relatively small compared to humans and some dogs, ranging in weight from about 20 to almost 50 pounds, but they often travel and hunt in groups, making them a dangerous predator for unsupervised dogs. Here are some tips to make sure your dog doesn’t have a run in with suburban coyotes.

Nighttime Dangers

Coyotes are excellent hunters, and do much of their work at night. This makes dogs increasingly vulnerable in the evening, so do your best to avoid letting your dog outside in the dark. This is a difficult ask for many dogs, so investing in a floodlight to illuminate your yard when your dog is outside, or simply accompanying them in the yard will help prevent a coyote attack.


Although they are more active at night, Coyotes can still hunt during the day. If you live near woods or fields there is still a danger of coyotes during the day, so make sure to keep your dog within sight at all times. Coyotes are afraid of humans, so your presence is likely enough to dissuade them from targeting your pet. Moreover, if possible, building a fence around your dog’s backyard is a very smart idea in high-risk areas. Finally, another important way to avoid attracting coyote is to clean up your yard. Picking up your dog’s poop will greatly help prevent coyotes, because the smell tends to attract them. Utilizing these recommendations will surely help to protect your dog from coyotes, and give you peace of mind when you let them outside.

Stay Informed and Be Smart

Word spreads fast in suburbia, so keep up with any information that your neighbors spread regarding coyotes, and be sure to notify others if you see one. Avoid areas where coyote sightings are common because the last thing you want is a run-in with a pack of coyotes. Finally, this should go without saying, but do not feed coyotes. They are constantly looking for food and will return if you feed them, so being smart and keeping your distance from coyotes is your best bet to keep your dog safe.

No matter the size of your dog, coyotes are dangerous. They target isolated prey and use their strength in numbers, making them capable of taking down large animals. However, by utilizing the recommendations above and never letting your guard down in coyote, prone areas, it is likely you’ll never have to experience the terrible occurrence of a coyote attack.