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Getting Your Dog Used to Taking Baths

Dogs are animals that love spending time outdoors, and the summer months mean that they will be spending more of their time playing in your backyard. However, once your dog gets all the dirt and mud on them, you’ll have to give your beloved pet a bath. Bath time can be quite difficult for your dog, because most animals don’t really like taking them. Dogs can experience fear and anxiety whenever they have to take baths, and this can make you feel bad as a pet owner. So how can you make sure that your dog will learn to love bath time? How can you help them get used to it? Below are some tips on how you can make bath time fun and easy for you and your pet:

Choose One Designated Area For Bath Time

In order to reduce your pet dog’s fear about bath time, you can choose your bathtub, or an area in your bathroom where you can designate as your dog’s bathing area so that you can help it get used to that certain area specifically. This will help lessen its fears.

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Play Near That Designated Area And Make It Fun

Once you’ve chosen a certain area for bath time, you can then play near or in the area itself. This will help your dog associate that place with fun instead of fearing it and thinking about bath time, helping your pet lessen its fears over time. Making your dog think that bath time is play time is very effective, especially if your pet enjoys dog toys. You can try putting in toys inside the bath tub and playing along with your dog during that activity.

Use The Right Water Temperature

It is also important to make sure that the temperature of the water is comfortable for your pet. Make sure you don’t use water that is too warm or cold. This can be shocking for your dog and it will just end up increasing its fear in bathing. It is best to use lukewarm temperature in order to make sure that it doesn’t contribute to your dog’s fear and anxiety.

Use Treats

Another method that can help your pet dog have more fun during bath time is by using dog treats. What you can do is to hold a treat inside the bathtub, and place it over the edge. When you dog starts to go near the bathing area, you can praise it and give it a treat for successfully going near the place where it fears. As time passes, your dog will start to relax and enjoy eating in the bath area.

Start Young

To make bath time easier, you can also start while your pet is still a puppy. Help it get used to the sound of water. Use water during play time. Use a step by step process to help it feel more comfortable with water, until bath time is no longer a chore for you and something to fear for your pet dog.

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