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Five Ways to Spoil Your Dog

As pet parents, spoiling your dog can be one of the happiest and fulfilling things to achieve. Pet parents will have to agree that it can be very hard to say no to their pets, which is why they often end up spoiling the. Unfortunately, spoiling your pet too much can lead to a lot of consequences. But how do you spoil or pamper your pet dog without overdoing it? Below are six ways on how you can spoil your pet dog: 

1, Make Some Treats

Treats can be one of the easiest and most common methods of how you can spoil your dog. However, make sure that you give dog treats in moderation though, and also be sure to give treats that are healthy. 

If you want to do something different, you can also opt to make your own treats instead of buying them in the store. Many treats bought in the store have so many preservatives, and other harmful ingredients in it. By making treats on your own, you will know exactly what ingredients to use, and adjust it according to your pet dog’s diet. Some of the most common dog treats are biscuits, which you can bake yourself. 

2. Buy Them A New Toy

Dogs love toys, and what would be a better way to spoil them by buying a new one? Dog toys will be able to entertain your pet and prevent them for becoming bored. It also provides a form of stimulation, along with relieving stress as well. What you can do is to bring your pet do at the pet store, and allow it to pick out the toy on its own. You can rotate new toys together with old ones to provide variety and keep your pet stimulated, making it good for them both in the physical and mental way. 

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3. Give Them A Massage

Do you know that doggie massages are a thing too? It is one of the greatest things you can do for your dog. Learning how to do doggie massages can help your dog feel relaxed, and also ease their muscles especially if they’ve gone for a long run or when they’ve done a lot of physical activities. This will also help improve their overall flexibility and help reduce joint pain as well. 

4. Get Your Pet A New Collar

Another way to spoil your pet is by getting it a new dog collar. This will help your pet look better, and let it walk with some style as well. You can personalize its new collar by adding in your pet’s name and maybe even your phone number as well. LED dog collars can even look cool too.

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5. Go Swimming or Have Fun With Water

There are a lot of dog breeds that love water, which is why you can help spoil your pet dog by taking it swimming as well. This activity can help your pet have fun, and it will also be a great opportunity for the both of you to strengthen your bond as well. You can take your pet to a nearby body of water that can be safe to play on. Allow your pet to jump in the water and play fetch. However, if your pet hasn’t gone swimming yet, you can use a dog life jacket first of have your pet take some lessons in order to prepare it for playtime. If your pet isn’t allowed to swim, then you may just want to simply put in a sprinkler or a small dog pool in your yard to still allow your pet to have fun. 

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