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Dog Fees on Airlines and How to Get Around Them

Thinking about bringing your pet dog along with you during your next trip? While it may be fun to have your pet with you during your next travel or holiday, taking your pet in the plane to travel isn’t exactly the easiest and cheapest thing. While service animals may fly for free if you are living in the United States, having to travel in a plane along with your pet may cost you a couple of hundred of dollars to. This also means that your pet will have to fly in the cargo area of the aircraft as well. But what really are the exact fees associated with having to fly your pet? What are some things to expect and what are some tips for traveling?

The Cost of Traveling With A Dog

There are certain pet restrictions for taking a pet dog to fly with you during your next trip. The fees or costs associated with it can vary as well. Below are some of the most common fees for traveling with your pet dog:

If you want your pet dog to stay in the aircraft’s cabin with you, then you would probably be charged from around a hundred to a hundred and fifty dollars just so that you can do this. You are also required to buy a pet carrier that is airline-compliant as well. This may cost you from about thirty up to even hundreds of dollars.

This is if you pet is small enough to be inside a carrier during the flight. This is the most convenient way to travel via plane, especially if you are bringing a small dog with you. Many major airlines are accepting this set up, but be prepared to pay, again, as previously mentioned, about a hundred to a hundred fifty dollars for a one way domestic flight.

  • Make sure you call the airline and make a reservation if you will be brining a small dog with you.
  • The pet carrier needs to be compliant with aircraft standards, meaning, it should have a waterproof bottom, good ventilation, and it should also be secured as well.

On the other hand, if you are going to fly your dog in the cargo, expect to also pay about a hundred, or maybe even up to thousands of dollars. However, there are some organizations that are against traveling with your dog and putting them in the cargo, unless it is really necessary.

Because of this, many people opt to travel with their pet via car, or simply hire a dog sitter. This is because this will be a much cheaper option compared to the fees associated with bringing your pet along with you in a plane.

Service Animals and Support Animals

If you have a service animal, then you won’t have to pay an extra fee if you are going to travel via airplane. But what are service animals? Service animals are trained to perform duties or tasks for someone who has a disability.

However, there might be airlines that allow both service and emotional support animals with no fees, or perhaps discounted fees. So if you have one, then you should have them registered in order to make sure that you get the added benefits of having one. But do you really want to register your pet as a service animal? Or would you want to give the benefits or slots to those who really need it?

Some Additional Tips

  • Book early and coordinate with your preferred airline company about your pet’s needs. This will also be a great time for you to become familiarized with the dos and don’ts that come with pet travel.
  • Make sure that your pet can be identified. Let it wear a collar with your number on it, or label its carrier.
  • Keep your pet up to date with its necessary vaccines and consult your vet beforehand. Ask for a clearance that your dog can handle air travel.
  • Be prepared to relieve your pet it case it becomes uncomfortable during the flight.

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