Does Your Dog Need Obedience Training?

Dogs are great pets, and most people who have them as their pets consider them as a best friend. They have a great sense of loyalty and they are also very affectionate. But, there can be certain times when this isn’t always the case. There may be circumstances when pet owners are faced with dog that just refuses to listen and behaves impolitely. As an owner, what are some of the things you should do when your dog refuses to be a good boy? Dogs with behavioral problems may need obedience training. Dogs usually develop this type of issue during their early years. When this happens, owners should give their dogs obedience training to deal with the issue. But how do you know when your dog needs it? Below are some things to look out for:

1.Excessive Barking

It is only natural for dogs to bark, but excessive barking can be an issue. It can be confusing, because you won’t be able to tell if your pet is barking at something important or dangerous. If your dog barks at almost every type of situation (for example, a bird on the window), and if it does it intensely, then you might need to consider obedience training. Obedience training can help your dog learn commands that can calm him down during various situations, which can help it learn the right kind of behavior for every situation.

2. Hostility and Aggression

Excessive barking is usually paired up with aggression, and this is another thing to watch out for. This is usually one of the top signs that your dog needs to undergo obedience training. If your pet is usually aggressive to another pet or person, or if it often tries to attack others, then it may also need obedience training. This can also happen when your dog acts aggressive or hostile towards others’ food. When you dog shows these signs, make sure you act on it right away, because it often leads to worse problems such as biting.

3.Separation Anxiety

While it is perfectly normal for your pet dog to feel sad when you are going away or when you have to it them alone, it becomes a problem when it becomes destructive. For example, if your dog becomes aggressive, whines, or becomes destructive when left alone, then it may need obedience training. Other symptoms of separation anxiety also include chewing or damaging things in your home, or other sensitivities. Obedience training can help get rid of separation anxiety as well.

4.Knowledge of Basic Commands

Another indication that your dog needs obedience training is when it is unaware of basic commands. Does your dog answer when it is being called? Every dog should at least be knowledgeable of the basic commands such as the following:

  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Come here

These basic commands won’t just help you, but it can also potentially save your dog during emergencies or threatening situations. It is also nice to make sure that your dog knows basic commands so that they can act well in the presence of others as well.