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Do Dogs Really Need Jackets/Sweaters?

Dogs wearing sweaters look cute. Dog sweaters are available in various sizes, colors and even in patterns as well. What pet owner doesn’t want their dog to look cute and charming in jackets and sweaters? But have you ever wondered if your dog actually needs them? How do you know if your dog needs to wear a jacket or sweater? Take a look at these things to consider in order to determine if your dog needs its own jackets and sweaters:

1.Type of Hair Coat and Dog Breed

If your dog has thick hair coating, then they won’t need those jackets and sweaters to combat cold weather. Such dog breeds like huskies and Alaskan malamutes are designs to be able to keep up with the cold weather. The thing is, your dog may even love the cold weather itself. Letting them wear thick clothing may even leave them hot. However, keep in mind not to leave them outside in cold weather for a long time, because no animal will love being kept outside during a snowstorm when the winds are cold.

2.Dog Size

The smaller the dog, the more protection it needs compared to larger ones. If your dog is small, then it might need a jacket or sweater whenever the weather is cold. This is because its small sizes won’t be able to maintain the heat in its bodies. Most small dogs also don’t have double hair coatings, which means that they won’t have the necessary defense or protection against cold weather.

3.Dog Age

If you have a young dog, or an old one, then they may need more protection against the cold winter weather. Young dogs, or puppies, along with old dogs don’t have the ability to maintain the heat inside their bodies. Consider giving your young and old dogs a jackets whenever its cold, most importantly if their hair is short.

4.Your Dog’s Health

Is your pet dog healthy?  Or does it have a medical condition? If your dog is suffering from a medical condition such as diabetes or heart complication, then it won’t be able to withstand the cold weather compared to the healthy ones. If your dog has a weakened immune system, then this means that it will have more trouble maintaining the balance, causing its body to work much harder. Then this means that it may need a jacket or sweater as well.

5.Does Your Dog Have Arthritis?

Dogs with joint problems or arthritis can suffer a lot during cold weather or the winter. Giving your pet jackets and/or sweaters can help them and protect them. This way, their joints will be kept warm as well, preventing them from stiffening up.

Choosing A Sweater

If you’ve decided to buy a jacket or sweater for your pet dog, make sure to consider the material and measurements. For the material, wool is known to be warm. It can also provide good insulation as well. However, consider the times in needs to be washed, or whether your pet will find if comfortable. If you think wool won’t do, then you may want to consider a blend of wool and cotton, or even acrylic as well.

As for the measurements, you need to make sure that the jacket or sweater fits your dog just right. Just like people, dogs also want to wear comfortable clothing as well. Make sure that the clothing isn’t too tight, doesn’t get caught on other things on their way, and doesn’t drag into the ground so that you dog may not be put at risk of tripping off.

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