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Can My Dog Take Dramamine?

Like humans, dogs can also suffer from car sickness. However, unlike humans who are car sick because of the movement during travel, dogs are most likely to get car sick because of stress, 95% of the time. Being removed from their comfort zone in your home and bringing your beloved pet for a car ride can bring back bad memories for your pet, like the time when your dog and siblings are taken away from their mother and transferred to pet shops. Or your pet could remember a car ride that leads to the kennel. All these memories will stress your dog out more than the car motion can ever do.

What are the signs of car sickness in dogs?

When you plan to take your dog out for a ride, make sure that you have your sense on full alert for the signs of car sickness. These signs include, but not limited to inactivity, listlessness, uneasiness, frequent yawning or panting, retching, vomiting, persistent licking or smacking of the lips, trembling/shaking, nervous pacing, uncharacteristic whining, excessive drooling, and fear of cars. When your dog exhibits one or more of these signs, then be prepared for vomiting inside the car. You can try to periodically pull over and let your dog rest for few minutes, to vomit outside the car if necessary. Another way to control and alleviate your dog’s car sickness is to give your pet Dramamine.

Is Dramamine safe for dogs?

Dramamine is an antihistamine and an antiemetic drug that is manufactured for humans to help regulate their motion sickness symptoms. This medication works well for humans, and many dog owners administer Dramamine to their dogs when their pets experience car sickness. Though Dramamine did not receive approval from the FDA for the use of dogs, there are vets in the country who prescribe this medication for dogs as an extra-label drug. Dramamine is legal to use for dogs as long as the vet clearly states that the administration of this medication is safe for dogs and medically appropriate. Dramamine is great for dogs as long as it is prescribed by the professionals, and it is a great method to keep your dog relaxed during the car ride.

What is the dosage for Dramamine for dogs?

If your dog is prescribed Dramamine by the vet, always make it a point to follow the precise instruction of the dosage. It is typical to give Dramamine to your dog at least 30 minutes to an hour before the car ride. Consult your dog’s vet first, especially when your dog has medical conditions that could interact with the car sickness medication.

Overdosing your dog with Dramamine can lead to coma, extreme hydration, hallucinations, hyperactivity, hyperventilation, rapid heart rate, seizures, and urinary retention. To avoid these severe reactions, monitor your dog’s condition after taking the Dramamine, and always follow the vet’s instruction to the letter.

What are the side effects of Dramamine for dogs?

Vets do prescribe Dramamine for dogs to take care of their car sickness, but you also need to be aware of the possible side effect that this medication can do to your pet. The most common side effects of Dramamine for dogs include dry mouth, lethargy, sedation, and urine retention. More extreme side effects include vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss, and loss of appetite. If your dog experiences the severe side effects, make sure to bring your pet to the vet immediately.

There are instances when administering Dramamine is not ideal for your dog, but can be done after your pet’s vet agreed to it. Avoid giving your dog Dramamine if your dog is suffering from hypersensitivity or allergies to antihistamines, black neck obstruction, COPD, gastric outflow obstruction, glaucoma, heart disease, high blood pressure, hyperthyroidism, kidney disease, liver disease, lung disease, pregnant or nursing, prostrate disease/enlarged prostate, seizure disorders, stomach/intestinal obstruction, and urinary obstruction.

Dramamine may also interact with other drugs like CSN depressants, anticholinergic drugs, anticoagulants (may lessen the effects), epinephrine (may enhance the effects), heparin, tranquilizers, sedatives, and warfarin.

What are the best things to do when your dog is car sick?

Aside from giving your dog Dramamine, there are simple things that you can do for your dog to alleviate your pet’s car sickness.

Frequent happy car rides

Show your dog that riding a car doesn’t mean bad things. Take your pet often for a joy ride and let your dog see the beautiful surrounding, and allow your pet to run through a dog park or in the beach. Make it a point to bring your dog to beautiful and dog-friendly places on your car travels, so your dog will get accustomed to it and will equate car ride to happy memories, and hopefully will not get car sickness anymore. You can test to see if your dog would benefit from the security of a crate, some of which are designed specifically to aid with anxious pups.

Regular stops

Make your dog’s riding experience as smooth as possible, especially when your dog is experiencing car sickness. It is important to take a break from driving every 30 minutes to an hour, and let your dog breathe fresh air for one to two minutes. Or you can let your dog out on a leash to stretch the legs a bit. This is especially helpful when you are on for a long drive. Stopping often may be a hassle for you, but this is one of the best ways to keep your dog from getting car sick. With frequent practice, your dog will get used to the car rides and will not feel car sick anymore.

Dog distraction

Your dog may feel closeted inside your car for a long ride, and this agitation can lead to car sickness. It is important to keep your dog distracted by bringing a favorite toy, or putting on your pet’s favorite music. You can also distract your dog by constantly taking to your pet during the drive, and once in a while patting your pet on the head or touching the ears will help ease your dog’s discomfort. You can also give small treats after 30 minutes or so when your dog feel relaxed.


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