Can I Put Neosporin on My Dog?

Did you know that skin issues or problems in pets are a common problem? It can be one of the most frustrating issues that many pet owners have to deal with. While there is a lot of information about managing various skin issues with our pets, the mild ones actually have simple remedies many dog owners can perform themselves. Let’s say you see a small cut or scratch on your pet dog. Can you apply some sort of ointment to treat it and help your pet feel better? Just like people, dogs also need the same first-aid treatment.

For almost everyone, the easiest and most common method for treating wounds or scratches is by applying antibiotics or ointments on the skin. A common treatment is often referred to as Neosporin. But as a pet owner, are you also wondering if you can apply it on your dog? You are not alone. Many pet owners have the same question. Can Neosporin be used to treat minor scratches, prevent infection and protect the affected area? The answer is that Neosporin is generally safe to use if the injuries are minor, but you can also consult your veterinarian first if you aren’t sure about what to do. You should also be aware of the following:

What Is Neosporin?

Neosporin is an antibiotic that can be applied topically. This disinfects wounds, scratches and many other types of minor injuries. It contains various active ingredients the help stop and prevent the growth of bacteria. Neosporin is a brand name, and is regarded as a common medication used for various kinds of minor injuries. It can be referred to as a triple antibiotic treatment or ointment because of these three ingredients: Neomycin, Polymyxin B and Bacitracin.

Using It On Your Pet

Basically, based on various studies, Neosporin can be applied on scratches and small wounds on your pet dog to help protect it and prevent infection. However, if the scratch is serious, you should consult your veterinarian for the right course of action. This is because Neosporin won’t be able to protect it against infection. If your dog has a minor scratch on its face, paw, nose, body, and other areas of the body, then it is generally safe to apply Neosporin on it. Applying the ointment will prevent the growth of bacteria and encourage the healing of the wound or scratch.


If you’ve decided to put Neosporin on your dog or after consulting with a veterinarian, you can apply it. To do this, clean or disinfect the wounded or scratched area. You can rinse it with some warm water. You can even wash it with soap and rinse it. After that, pat it dry and apply just a thin layer of Neosporin on the affected area. You can cover it with bandage for added protection.

Some Precautions

While using Neosporin on your dog is generally safe, you should still be aware of the following:

  • Don’t apply it near the eyes or ears. Consult your veterinarian first.
  • Neosporin can only be used on small cuts, wounds or scrapes. If the area is already infected or if the wounds are serious, seek the help of your veterinarian.