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Can I Blow-Dry My Dog’s Fur?

Have you ever wondered if it is safe to blow-dry your dog’s fur? While is it safe to blow-dry your dog’s fur after giving it a bath, there are certain precautions that need to be taken. Blow-drying does its job, but not knowing how to do it properly to your pet may lead to accidents that can harm them, especially the head and eye area.

Blow-drying your pet dog is safe, and it is also important too. Drying its hair can prevent certain conditions like hotspots, dermatitis and cowlicks as well.


Tips When Blow-drying Your Dog’s Fur

Blow-drying may generally be safe for your dog, but as a pet owner, you should still take caution. Below are some tips to follow when blow-drying your dog’s fur on your own:

  • Ensure that all shampoo has been rinsed off from your dog completely to make sure that you won’t have any problems with blow drying their fur.
  • Make sure that the nozzle is at least 5 – 6 inches away from your dog’s fur. Also do this in a way where you are allowing the air to flow constantly. To do this, move your blower continuously and keep it at the lowest setting so that you won’t end up burning your dog’s skin.
  • If there is a cool setting on your blow dryer, then it is better and much more recommended to use it. The cool setting won’t have the same drying effect when using the heat setting, but it will get rid of the excess water, along with the loose hairs that may end up shedding. You may want to brush your dog before the bath and after the bath before using the blow-dryer to prevent blowing loose hairs everywhere.

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  • Don’t point your blower on your dog’s eyes, and avoid blow-drying your dog’s fur when the weather is hot. If possible, cover your pet’s eyes so that they are well protected and avoid irritation.
  • Before using a blow dryer on your pet dog, first try to let it get used to the sound and feeling of hot air blowing. You can use treats and praise to encourage and have your dog get used to the use of blow dryer and not fear it in order to make the experience great for both you and your pet.
  • Don’t use the blow dryer and point it too close to your dog’s ears as it may damage hearing.

What Type of Hair Dryer Should You Use?

There are special dryers made for dogs. It is a good idea to invest on this so that you are sure that you are using something that is entirely made for your pet. These special dog-dryers don’t use heat when drying. They are made to shoot the air at quick speeds in order to blast away the water from your dog’s coat. It leaves your pet’s hair damp, because your dog’s hair will eventually dry up on its own. Dog-specific dryers prevent your pet from having loose hair, and won’t shed as much as well. So if you have a dog breed that has double coats, it will be a great idea to invest on special blow dryers.

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This is especially true if you are bathing your dog regularly. It is also recommended to bathe your dog regularly so that you can prevent your dog from having certain skin problems.

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