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The Benefits Of Camping With Your Dog

If you are a dog owner and enjoy camping, you may want to consider taking your dog with you on your next trip. As a pet owner, you will know that anytime you are going to be away your dog is always going to be a consideration that you need to plan for in advance. Taking your dog on holiday with you is an option and camping can be a very flexible way to do this. So, let’s look at some of the benefits of camping with your dog.

Peace Of Mind

If you decide to leave your dog behind when you are away, it can often be a worry as to where you are going to leave your dog during your trip. If it is with a friend or family, there is always the concern that something may happen whilst you are away. It may be that you take the option to put your pet in a kennel but as well as still wondering if your dog is okay, you will have the additional expense that this entails. So, you can save money and enjoy your dog being away with you.

Outdoor Fun With Your Dog

One of the great benefits of camping is being able to enjoy the outdoors and fresh air and this experience can be enhanced by having your dog with you. As your dog will want to explore its new surroundings, this will encourage you to make the most of your time away and keep active by walking your dog and planning ways in which you can fill your day with new adventures together. Bonding with your dog in this way can provide benefits that will be felt during and after your trip.

Exercise For You And Your Dog

As you are likely to be very active by taking your dog camping with you, the beneficial effects of all the exercise will be good for both of you. For instance, if you go hiking and explore the area, you may be surprised by how much ground you cover together and the type of terrain you encounter during your walks will make you feel fit and healthy. As you will be breathing in fresh air and exercising, this should lift your mood as well as being good for your dog’s overall well-being.

Make New Friends Together

A dog can often be the focus when you meet new people and can be a great way to make friends while you are away. If you like to be sociable, your dog can often help to break the ice especially if you meet fellow dog owners where your pets will be a topic of discussion. It will often be the case that your dogs will enjoy playing together and long-term friendships can be developed as a result of you meeting people with similar interests to yourself.

Security During Your Trip

As a camper, you may feel exposed as you are sleeping outdoors. The great benefit of having your dog with you, is that they tend to be very alert to any noise or movement which can help you sleep more easily. In addition, they are likely to be a deterrent to anyone who is looking for an easy target to steal any possessions. A dog is normally very protective of their owner and this can be very helpful if you are in an unfamiliar area.

So, as you can see, camping with your dog can have many benefits. It can be a great source of fun and exercise and provides an opportunity to bond with your dog that can be beneficial beyond the duration of your trip.


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