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Bravecto for Dogs

Your beloved pooch can easily get allergic reaction if your dog’s body is infested with unwanted fleas and ticks. These little monsters triggers itching, allergies, and scratching on your furry friend. You must treat the flea and tick infestation by giving Bravecto Chew and Bravecto Topical Solution for Dogs to your dog. 

Benefits of killing ticks and fleas

Killing the ticks and fleas will not only benefit your dog, but it will also give you peace of mind and a cleaner home. Dog scratching causes dander to fall off to your couch, furniture, and all around your house, as well as fleas and ticks can freely roam around your beautiful home. Killing these tiny bastards can prevent you from getting skin diseases, and will allow your dog to behave properly inside your home without leaving disgusting residues behind. And with a flea and tick free dog, your loving relationship with your pooch is fostered.

Is Bravecto safe for dogs?

Yes, Bravecto Chew and Bravecto Topical Solution for Dogs are FDA-approved and are safe for dogs. They are highly recommended by vets for puppies 6 months and beyond, and safe for dogs weighing at least 4.4 pounds. In fact, the Bravecto Chew is approved to be consumed by dogs that are pregnant, breeding, and lactating. Bravecto actively kills fleas and ticks that are already living on your dog’s body. Bravecto is even safe to use alongside other medications that dogs take for other illnesses. However, it is always better to consult the vet before giving Bravecto to dogs, regardless if the there are other medications involved or not. Also, Bravecto does not contain wheat or gluten in its composition.

Bravecto is even safe for collies that have been diagnosed with MDR-1 gene deficiency. These coolies with defects are prescribed with three times more the regular dose of normal dogs, and there’s no reported adverse effect.

Additionally, Bravecto is manufactured with high margin of safety. There were safety studies conducted wherein Bravecto was meticulously tested on completely healthy dogs and puppies and they were given up to 5 times the normal dose for an 8-week interval of ingestion for 3 treatments. There was no sign of negative side effects on the tested healthy dogs even with the very high dosage for 12 weeks. Therefore, you need not fear if in case you have double dosed your precious pooch with Bravecto, because this medication is utterly safe for dogs. But, to be on the safe side, you should talk to your dog’s vet if you feel like you have given too much Bravecto to your pet.

How does Bravecto work?

After your dog digested Bravecto, the medication immediately connects to the tissue fluids located under the skin of your dog. And when ticks and fleas feed on your dog, they sip on the Bravecto and they die as a result.

Bravecto Chew

Within two hours after ingesting Bravecto Chew, the fleas (Ctenocephalides felis) starts to die, and within 12 hours, Bravecto Chew kills the ticks (Ixodes ricinus). And for the next 12 weeks, Bravecto Chew kills fleas and ticks (black-legged tick, brown dog tick, and American dog tick), and prevents the infestations of fleas in your dog’s skin. Lone star ticks are also killed by Bravecto Chew for a span of 8 weeks.

Bravecto Topical Solution for Dogs

When you apply the Bravecto Topical Solution for Dogs on your dog’s skin, the medication will reduce the amount of fleas by at least 99% within 24 hours, and within 48 hours of application, the fleas will all die 100%. And this topical solution will continue to process post-infestation for the next 12 weeks. The Bravecto topical Solution for Dogs can eliminate black-legged ticks, brown dog ticks, and American dog ticks by 93% within the span of 12 weeks. It can also reduce the existence of lone star ticks by 90% within 72 hours. This topical solution has a post-infestation process for ticks for the next 8 weeks after application.

How to make your dog take Bravecto Chew?

According to the US field study, Bravecto is taken by dogs directly by chewing without issues, and more than 93% of dogs in the United States are doing this. But, if your dog belongs to the other 7% that cannot chew Bravecto successfully, or if you simply want to make the process easier for your canine friend, then you can mix the Bravecto Chew to your dog’s food. You just need to make sure that your pooch has ingested the whole dosage of Bravecto.

How to apply Bravecto Topical Solution for Dogs?

Bravecto Topical Solution for Dogs is good for a 12 weeks full protection for your pooch, and you apply this topical solution starting with your dog’s shoulder blades and proceeding to the back. There is also an attached application instruction with the medication that you can check and follow.

What to do if vomiting happens after ingesting Bravecto?

As mentioned, Bravecto is completely safe for dogs without adverse effects, but in case your dog vomits within 3 hours of consumption, the recommendation would be to redose. But you must for 24 hours before redosing to ensure that’s your pooch does not vomit again. However, don’t create your own dose. Consult your dog’s vet regarding the vomiting, and the vet will give you the new dose of Bravecto. Redosing is important because vomiting within 3 hours can cause the Bravecto Chew to be removed from the system, and your dog will not be protected from ticks and fleas anymore.

In case your dog vomits after 4 hours or so after taking Bravecto Chew, consult the vet about what to do, but do not redose your pet since the medication is likely to have been absorbed within your dog’s system already, and your dog has received the protection needed against fleas and ticks. Most of the time redosing is not needed after 4 fours if vomiting occurs because the vomit will no longer contain the Bravecto Chew.

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