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Traveling with a small dog and why they need a good bed

When you’re planning an upcoming trip, you may want to bring your beloved pooch along as you explore a new destination and create memories. Part of the planning process includes bringing along items your dog will need while away from home, which includes their bed. When traveling with a small dog, there are a few reasons why they need a supportive and comfortable bed.

Help Your Dog Relax

If your dog uses a bed at home on a consistent basis, then you’ll want to bring the same bed along while traveling. If the dog has an item from home, then it can allow them to feel more at ease in new settings. You can also pack their favorite chew toy or blanket to ensure they can relax and experience less stress. 

The dog bed should be compact to ensure it’s easy to pack and doesn’t take up too much room in their crate. The material should also be easy to clean if your pet has accidents or if the bed gets dirty from their paws. Many dog beds are designed to roll or fold up and include straps to make it easy to carry for added convenience while traveling.

Added Comfort

Packing a dog bed for your small pet can allow them to feel more comfortable. Instead of sitting or lying on hard surfaces (whether they’re in a crate or are on the ground) they should have a soft place to lay. Non-slip materials can also help them to remain secure in the car or on a plane to prevent them from sliding when sudden movements occur. The plush material of the bed can alleviate any joint or muscle pain they experience on long rides. They’ll also get better sleep on a dog bed, which will allow them to feel less fatigued or stressed the next day. 

You’ll need to test the product out several weeks before the trip to ensure your small dog enjoys the item and will use it while on the go. Dogs thrive on consistency, which can allow them to be a better travel companion.

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