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If your pup is home alone while you’re at work, or you just want a way to check in while you’re at the grocery store, you might be interested in a dog monitoring camera. Similar to a baby monitor, this device lets you keep an eye on your dog, even when you’re not home. Most options will even offer audio, so you can both hear and talk to your pup!

We’ve reviewed lots of dog monitoring cameras, and our favorites are below. Some can even serve dual purposes, like general surveillance or as monitors for children.

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DogGear Philosophy

Your dog plays a meaningful role in your life. They bring joy and companionship to you and your family. A pet camera lets you keep an eye on them when you’re out of the house and monitor their behavior. Below are the top features to look for in a state-of-the-art pet camera.

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Remote dog monitoring cameras

These high-tech cameras often feature real-time barking alerts that send push notifications to your phone or tablet when your dog speaks up and you’re not around. When your dog is frightened, anxious, or trying to keep birds out of your backyard, you’ll receive an update prompting you to check in on your pooch.

You can adjust alert sensitivity, and the device naturally filters out other background noises to prevent false alarms. Dogs bark to communicate with you and others around them. Many owners can distinguish between their dog’s types of barking. A barking alert helps you to know when your dog is anxious or frightened without the need for constant check-ins.

Many remote monitoring cameras come with the ability to sync to an app so that you can regularly check in on your dog from work or while you’re out running errands. Some even let you take pictures of your dog!

Some of these cameras let you throw treats to your dog to reward or play with them while you’re out of the house, while others have two way audio so that you can talk to your dog and they can “talk back.”

Besides giving you the means to communicate with your dog and keep an eye on them, some cameras feature a light that changes color when you aren’t using it, or when it’s in sleep mode. This light feature allows your dog to anticipate interactions with you, even when you aren’t at home. Dogs are clever animals!

Additionally, some cameras have onboard machine-vision technology that detects different kinds of dog behavior. These smart alerts can notice when your dog is playing, or jumping on your couch. Some options can even tell the difference between a dog, a person, or an object, or detect when your dog is facing the camera and automatically take a picture to send to your phone.

One thing to consider is whether your dog will be left overnight on their own (or if a pet-sitter will be staying at your home while you are out of town). In this case, a monitoring camera designed with night vision or a higher-quality image can be an excellent option to ensure that all is well in your home and with your dog.