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Best Rawhide-Free Dog Dental Treats

Treats that provide an opportunity for ample chewing are beneficial for dogs in many ways. They furnish a way to strengthen muscles in the jaw and neck. They also contribute to cleaning tartar build-up on their teeth. Traditional rawhide products can result in an emergency visit to the vet. They are frequently made with artificial coloring and flavors. Alternative treats should be made from quality ingredients that supply supplemental nutritional value to a dog’s overall health.

Veterinarian Dr. Jarett Gilpin advises, “Pet owners should stay away from rawhide treats. They have caused serious digestive issues for many dogs. They can also damage gums and teeth. There are several excellent alternative snacks that give pups a good chew that won’t create a choking hazard or other problem.”

Best Rawhide-Free Dog Dental Treats

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