Discover the Best Raw Dog Food For Your Adult Dog or Puppy

Find the Perfect Raw Dog Food For Your Pup

Raw dog food is the “super food” of the dog food landscape. Our team of vets, dog experts, researchers and dog lovers have invested numerous hours in fining the best raw dog food with the best ingredients for your pup. Get the healthiest, most natural diet for your dog and help your dog have a long and fulfilling life.

For those new to raw dog food, we advise you to determine your dog’s size. Below you will find the DogGear team size standards by weight.

Our selections consist of an Expert, Contender, and Bargain product selection for each size of dog.  Our analysis is proven to save you time and money. If your dog is medium or large sized, skip down to the lower part of the page. If you aren’t sure which food is best for your pup, take our quiz. The quiz is a great tool to help you find personalized recommendations for your dog.