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The Best Puppy Food for Labs

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Like human children, puppies are constantly growing and changing and are sensitive to the world around them, as well as what is in their diet. That’s why it’s so important that you feed them well – so they can grow into big, healthy dogs! That’s also extra true for Labrador puppies. Labradors are large, energetic dogs. They need all the energy that they can get, and they need a whole lot of protein and a whole lot of calcium to build strong muscles and bones. The problem is that many owners don’t even know where to start. What’s the right food for a growing dog? How do you know if one dog food is better than the other?

That’s why the team at DogGear has researched the best puppy food for Labs. Our top picks are below, but you can also try taking our quick quiz to see if there is a food that better suits your dog.

It is no secret that Labrador Retrievers (and Lab owners!) struggle with the maintenance of a healthy weight. Starting a Labrador onto an appropriate diet as a puppy is a great way to start these kiddos off on the right foot! As puppies, they still need a high energy and high protein diet. However, they need a slightly different balance compared to other large breed puppies. This website is a great way to feel confident in the food you are purchasing for your Labrador puppy companion!

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Best Puppy Food for Labs

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We hope that this gives you a good starting place as you search for the best food for your Labrador puppy. If you’re still looking, try our quiz, or keep reading to learn more about how to choose a good food for your pup.

If you didn’t find the best food for your lab puppy, please check out our dog food resource page. There you will find reviews a number of specialty dog food categories as well as the top puppy and dog foods.

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Your puppy is more than just a pet; he’s a member of your family. As a pet parent, you want to ensure that you are providing your dog with the best care possible to ensure that he lives a long, happy, and healthy life. Of all the things you do for your puppy, feeding him a premium-quality food that meet his unique dietary requirements needs to be high on your list of priorities.

If you are the proud parent of a Lab puppy, feeding him food that is specifically formulated to meet his nutritional needs is of utmost importance. Here’s a look at why you should forego a standard puppy food or an all-life stages chow and instead fill your growing Labrador’s dog bowl with a premium-quality food that is specially formulated for this fun-loving, intelligent, and sweet large breed puppy.

Why Puppy Food for Labs Is Important

Labrador Retrievers are large breed dogs, which means that their vital systems grow at different rates than small and medium breed puppies; therefore, they require key nutrients in order to ensure that they are developing properly. Labs are also genetically predisposed to certain health conditions. Common ailments that can afflict this breed include skin issue and joint problems.

By feeding your Lab puppy a food that is specially formulated for large breed puppies with the right balance of essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, you can ensure that all of his vital systems are being properly nourished so that your pooch can thrive. You can also help to prevent the development of some of the health conditions that this breed is prone to.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Puppy Food for Labs

In order to ensure your Lab puppy is getting the nutrition that he needs to thrive, it’s important to take the following factors into consideration when you are choosing a food for your growing four-legged family member:

  • A protein content of around 25%. The protein should be sourced from real animal meat, such as lamb, venison, fish, or beef.
  • A reduced fat content; about 15%. This breed does need fat to fuel their energy levels; however, too much fat can lead to excessive weight gain, which can lead to joint issues later in life.
  • Minerals and vitamins, such as calcium and phosphorous, which will ensure their bones are strong and health; Vitamin E to nourish their skin and coat; Vitamin C and D to strengthen their immune system.

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