Discover the Best Puppy Collars

Find the Perfect Puppy Collars For Your Pup

Puppies are very excitable little critters and in many ways, that’s what makes them so much fun to be around. But while having a little ball of fur who runs up to everyone they meet might be very cute, it is also something of a liability if it means that they’re going to get themselves hurt. That is where puppy collars come in handy. You’ll need a leash early on in order to help your puppy learn to walk and to restrain them when they’re putting themselves (or others) in harm’s way. But what makes a good puppy collar? And how do you get the most from them? The first thing to consider is that a puppy collar should be comfortable. Pups have thinner skin than their larger counterparts, and they are also generally a little more frail themselves. A puppy is likely to be a little intimidated by the whole concept of walks and might find themselves occasionally getting scared by the notion of having something wrapped around their neck. A light, comfortable, and non-invasive collar will make life a lot easier for everyone involved.

A proper fit is very important in this regard. A collar that is too tight can end up restricting breathing and even somewhat choking your puppy. But one that is too loose can also cause problems as the slack can actually make it easier for your dog to strangle themselves! Plus your puppy is growing, so what fits them well now will not necessarily fit them well in a few weeks or months. A good puppy collar will be adjustable so that it fits until it’s time to get your puppy a “grown-up” collar. We’ve organized our recommendations for puppy collars into small, medium, and large sizes based on your dog’s size when they are full-grown:

Now, let’s take a look at some of the best puppy collars out there. Our top picks for small puppies are up first, and choices for medium and large puppies are further down the page.