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Best Playpens For Dogs

As much as dogs need their outdoor time, sometimes it’s just not possible. For times your fur baby can’t make it outside to play and roam free, they can have just as much fun indoors. With a playpen, they’ll have plenty of space to do all the things they love in a contained, safe area. 

Jarett Gilpin, DVM, said, “I love playpens for their convenience since I keep a busy schedule and I’m not always around to provide my pups with the playtime they deserve. These pens are a great way for dogs to exercise and play in safety and comfort.”

Best Playpens For Dogs

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How to Find The Best Playpens For Dogs For Your dog

Playpens for Dogs

A playpen is made by interconnecting panels that are easy to set-up and convenient to store away when not in use. It is a helpful tool to monitor the movements of the dog without locking them in the room or putting them on a leash. A playpen offers ample space for the dog to walk around the area, sit, eat and drink comfortably. Playpens come in several sizes,and can be used to create an exercise area or a play area for all kinds of dogs. There are different playpens commercially available in the market, offering different variations and can be set up in different ways. Some playpens have covers and a mat on the ground. Some have latches or doors to prevent the dog from going from one room to the other easily. Most playpens are portable and foldable, making it convenient and hassle-free to set up.

Advantages of Using a Playpen

For New Puppies – Useful for puppies who are new to their home. A playpen will ensure that the puppy will stay in a designated area and not roam around the house unsupervised.

For Indoor Use – The playpen will keep the dog from interacting with guests in case of events in the household.

For Outdoor Use – The playpen will limit the dog’s movement in the garden or the yard. As dogs like to burrow and dig, a playpen will keep the dog from going into the flower bed or venturing on the grass with fertilizer.

For Training  –  A playpen will ensure that the behavior of a dog is monitored when there are other people in the house, when there are babies, and when there are other animals or pets.

Materials Used in a Playpen

Nylon – This type of playpen has panels that interlocks and has rubber pads at the bottom to prevent skidding and from damaging the floor. This is advisable to be used for small dogs. 

Plastic – The most common type of material used in a playpen, this type of playpen won’t rust and the panels can be added one after the other to extend the space for the dog.

Metal – Usually for outdoor use, this playpen comes with anchors or pegs to be pushed to the ground. It can also be folded, making it easy to store.

Cloth and Mesh – Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, this playpen is easy to clean, waterproof, and breathable.

Factors to Consider

Size of the DogThe playpen should not be low enough that the dog can jump over it.

Indoor or Outdoor Playpen – Ample space is needed if indoor playpens are used. For outdoor playpens, there should be cover and shade to protect the dogs from the sunlight.

Durability and Safety– The playpen should be able to withstand the daily wear and tear from the dogs. High-quality materials should be used so that the dogs can’t scratch, bite, push, and topple the playpens easily. A stopper on the sides of the playpen, usually heavy objects, will prevent the dogs from moving the playpen around.

Accessories and Attachments – Some playpens have a door that serves as the entrance/ exit of the playpen. Some have a built-in food and water bowl on the sides. A rest area and a play area should be established inside the playpen so that the dogs will have lots of things to do along with having adequate space to play and roam around.


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