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Best Pet Safe Lint Roller

As much as we love our dogs, they can sometimes leave a lot of unsightly pet hair on our clothes, furniture and bedding. It’s impractical to pull out the vacuum all the time, so having a pet-safe lint roller is essential. There are many types of lint rollers, and these are among the easiest to use and most effective while ensuring your pets’ safety. 

Jarett Gilpin, certified pro celebrity pet trainer, says, “Choosing a reliable pet-safe lint roller helps you look professional while gently caring for your clothes in a way that doesn’t expose your pet to the emotional stress they sometimes experience when the vacuum runs.”

Best Pet Safe Lint Roller

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How to Find The Best Pet Safe Lint Roller For Your dog


In any household, a lint roller is an extremely underrated tool. Its function is to remove any visible deposit of particles that can come from anywhere in the house such as fibers from fabrics, dust, hair, fur, and other debris. However, most people don’t know that there are actually many uses to a lint roller aside from removing things from clothes. Due to its material, it can also accomplish otherwise troublesome tasks such as cleaning broken glass, carpets, textured ceilings, and even aiding in a pain-free removal of peeling skin from a sunburn so it is a great investment for your home.

Lint Roller Material

  •       Adhesive Paper

Adhesive paper lint rollers are usually refillable and can be easily peeled off after each use. If you are looking for single-use roller types, there are also brands that offer these non-refillable types. Adhesive paper lint rollers are not too great for removing pet hair on clothes and other fabrics.

  •       Non-Adhesive Paper

Non-adhesive paper lint roller is a more environmentally-friendly choice. Most models are reusable, and they have storage compartments. These are machine-washable and safe to use for all types of fabrics. We recommend this type of roller for fabrics with cushioned surfaces.

Important Features to Consider

  •       Mechanism

In selecting a lint roller, you should look for a model with a simple mechanism. A twist-to-open structure is the most ideal. When the roller is exposed, it can easily stick to foreign matter and surfaces. Especially if you have pets in your household, an uncovered lint roller might get into their fur or skin which could cause injuries. A covered one will not only keep the paper clean; it will also be easier to store and move.

  •       Size

Selecting the right size of the lint roller for your home depends on the particular issue that needs to be rectified. For fur parents, if you constantly need to remove fluff and hair from your clothes, a small sticky sheet lint roller is the best choice so you can put the lint roller in a bag and carry it wherever you go. However, if you have big or numerous pets, you will probably have to clean fur off your clothes, sofas, and beds constantly, so we recommend getting a large reusable lint roller so you don’t have to keep buying adhesive papers.

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