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Best Paw Cleaners

Dog owners everywhere experience having to clean up messy, little paws after a walk through the neighborhood and park. Dogs are curious animals and tend to find puddles and mud, leaving dirt in hard to reach areas of their paws. Portable paw cleaners are an excellent way to safely and comfortable, clean dog paws after time outside, never having to worry about dirty tile, carpet or hardwood floors.

Mary Ramirez, an avid dog walker, says, “I love using a paw cleaner after long walks through the neighborhood or nearby park. It would usually take me 15 minutes to clean each of my dogs’ paws because of the hard to reach areas, but now it only takes me about 5 minutes using a portable paw cleaner. Paw cleaners allow for my dog and me to enjoy the outdoors more and not have to worry about walking through mud or dirty areas.”

Best Paw Cleaners

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How to Find The Best Paw Cleaners For Your dog

Dog Paw Cleaners: Buying Guide for Dog Lovers

Most dog owners forget to buy boots or shoes for their beloved dogs. In return, chances are higher for your pup to get all the dirt, mud, and germs on the ground since dogs love to play around, especially in the messiest areas. 

Sure, you can bath your furry friend, but it’s a hassle to do it every day, and you would not want to leave dripping traces of water inside your house. At times, wet tissues or wipes are not enough to do the job right! To deal with the mess, paw cleaners are your go-to tools that can save you a lot of time and effort. Continue reading our buying guide, and we’ll give you all the information you need to get the best paw cleaner for Fido.

What are Paw Cleaners?

Paw cleaners are small devices that are specially designed to clean the paws of your dog before entering your house, car, and other areas. There are different variations of paw cleaners, but most of them have soft bristles for your dog’s delicate paws.

Different Types of Paw Cleaners

There are tons of paw cleaners available in the market. They come in different shapes, sizes, and materials where they’re made from. As a dog parent, you should first know the following different types of paw cleaners that will suit your paw-cleaning needs.

  • Paw Cleaning Stations

This type of paw cleaner is installed outside the entrance so that your dog’s paws are free from all the dust and dirt before entering your house. A paw washing station is like a tray where you can put soapy water. They come with a protective lid to avoid spilling and splashing of water, and then the lid has a little hole where your pooch can put their paws in to be cleaned. Some paw cleaning stations also have bristles inside where you can scrub their paws.

  • Paw Cleaning Brushes

Unlike paw cleaning stations, this paw cleaner is more portable and you can bring anywhere with you. Brushing your dog’s paws is more effective than just soaking it wet. Most paw cleaning brushes come with a small container that you can fill water with, and it will be easier for you to rinse the dirt off right away.

  • Paw Cleaning Cups

Paw cleaning cups are smaller compared to the tray of paw cleaning stations, making them more portable. This type of paw cleaner has silicone bristles that you can soak with plain or soapy water, and clean your beloved dog’s paws by putting and scrubbing them in the cup. The bristles remove the dirt and dust off their paws. You just have to gently scrub your dog’s paws in the cup to clean them. In that case that the paws of your dog are filthy, you’ll need to replace the water after each paw.

  • Paw Cleaning Mats/Rugs

Paw cleaning mats/rugs are placed at the entrance of your house to remove excess dirt from your dog’s paws. They are highly absorbent, and these will rapidly absorb the water and mud off your dog’s paws. You can use it with any other dog paw cleaner to make sure that your dog’s paws are clean.

  • Paw Cleaning Gloves

This paw cleaner is worn just like regular gloves. Put on the gloves and clean your dog by giving their paws a gentle scrub. These gloves are made of highly absorbent and soft material to easily remove mud and dirt off of your dog’s paws. In case your dog is not happy with putting his paws in a tray or cup, this will make things easier by giving them a gentle scrub and massage on their paws.

  • Paw Cleaning Wipes

Paw cleaning wipes are your best option if you’re always on-the-go. This also acts as a disinfectant for your dog’s paws. You can simply store a pack of wipes and use them whenever you see Fido’s paws are dirty. This one is similar to regular wipes, except that it’s specially made for dogs. 

How To Choose The Best Paw Cleaners For Your Dog?

  • Effectivity

With different types of paw cleaners available in the market, you wouldn’t want your money to go to waste. You should pick a paw cleaner that can effectively clean your dog’s paws, so they can be free from dirt and bacteria, as well as your house and car.

  • Durability

A durable paw cleaner that will last a long time will not just ensure your dog’s paws are clean, but you can also save some money as you don’t have to buy paw cleaners from time to time. You should look for a paw cleaner that can withstand the weight of your furry friend so you can use it in a longer span of time.

  • Portability

This is important, especially if you are a busy person who is always on-the-go, or if you always walk around with your dog. A portable paw cleaner will allow you to clean your dog’s paws anytime, anywhere. 

  • Comfortability

Your dog’s paws are their bare protection from the ground, and they are delicate. In case that your dog feels uncomfortable, you will have a hard time cleaning them. You should look for a paw cleaner that has soft bristles of brushes so that Fido can be comfortable while you clean his paws. 

  • Cost

As much as you want to clean your dog’s paws, of course, you wouldn’t want to spend too much if possible. An affordable paw cleaner that won’t compromise the quality will let you save money and provide adequate cleaning of your dog’s paws.

Even though your pup can be messy sometimes, it is your responsibility as a dog parent to look after him. Prevent all the paw prints coming inside your house with a paw cleaner. Cleanliness is important for you and your dog’s health. Consider our buying guide in choosing the best paw cleaner so that you and Fido can be free from dirt and bacteria.


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