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A heated bed for dogs? Isn’t that unnecessary? After all, dogs have fur that keeps them warm, so why would they need a heated bed? Most dog owners react this way when faced with the situation of buying their furry friend a heated bed.

However, heated beds play a significant role in keeping your dog healthy and warm, especially during the fall and winter seasons. Here’s everything you need to know about why your dog may need a heated bed.


Dog breeds adapt to their environmental conditions. For instance, if you own a Husky or American Eskimo dog, they have thick fur with a dense undercoat that helps them deal with the harsh environmental conditions in the Northern American States.

Other breeds like Labradors and Mastiffs have shorter coats to help them stay cool in warmer climates. These breeds suffer in cold conditions as they don’t have any natural defense to fight off the chilly weather.

In such as case, a heated dog bed can help animals with shorter coats stay warm during the winter season. If you live in a state where the weather turns bitterly cold in the winter, a heated dog bed is a must-have accessory for your pooch.


If your dog lives outdoors in a doghouse, consider buying them a heated bed for the wintertime. Non-insulated doghouses leach the body heat from your dog. The result is a constant chill entering the doghouse, making your canine companion struggle to stay warm. Letting them sleep on a heated bed allows them to recycle the heat and stay warm on cold nights.


Our dogs are part of our family, and it’s heartbreaking to watch them age, especially when they begin to show signs of joint distress in their senior years. Older dogs are prone to developing medical conditions like arthritis and dysplasia.

These health conditions affect their joint cartilage and limit their mobility. It’s especially noticeable during the cold winter months when the cold creeps into their bones. A heated bed provides warmth to their body and keeps the fluid in the joints mobile, reducing the pain of getting up out of bed and walking.

If you own a working breed, such as an Aussie or Husky, they may avoid a heated bed during the summertime, but relish sleeping on one in the winter.


Selecting the right heated bed takes some shopping. Visit online retailers and read their product descriptions, as well as the consumer reviews before buying any product.

If your dog sleeps outdoors, it’s vital to buy a bed with a weather-resistant cable that prevents your dog from being electrocuted by an exposed wire. Good heated beds will have an external pillowcase that’s machine washable and made from soft materials with a non-slip base. Make sure that the heater works evenly over the entire surface and doesn’t create hotspots in certain segments of the bed. Always purchase a product that offers a warranty against manufacturer defaults.

A heated dog bed might just be the thing your aging or perpetually cold pup needs!

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