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Best Lint Roller

Best Lint Roller

It’s almost impossible to own a dog and not find their hair around your house and clothes as they shed. From German Shepherds to Golden Retrievers, most breeds are known to leave their hair behind as they roam around. Fortunately, there are a few lint rollers useful for picking up pet hair easily.

Best Lint Roller

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    Lint roller

A lint roller is a small and handy device used to keep clothes free from lint, fuzz, hair, and other small debris. It is particularly useful in picking up pet hair and fur from clothes. This tool may be used not just on clothes, but on curtains and draperies, upholstered furniture, carpets, and beds.

Factors to Consider


Small lint rollers may be used on clothing such as pants, coats, dresses, suits, and other formal wear.  Big lint rollers may be used on the carpet and the floors.



Small lint rollers usually have an ergonomic design made of plastic or wood for easier handling. Attachments such as an elongated handle may be bought for hard to reach areas.


Sticky Sheets

Lint rollers have sticky and removable sheets which may be replaced easily. Spare sheets may be included in the set or may be bought separately.


The sheet should be removed if the surface is full of dirt or fur as it won’t be effective in picking up more dirt.

Other Uses

Aside from its main purpose of removing lint and fur on clothes and fabric, here are other purpose of using a lint roller:


  1. Clean the Hard to Reach Areas – Picking up the small debris from hard to reach places will be easier.
  2. Clean Upholstery and Furniture – Cleaning the nooks and crannies of upholstered furniture will be efficient.
  3. Cleaning the Car – Especially in small spaces where dirt may fall or debris may cling such as the space between the seats and the center console.
  4. Pick up Broken Glass – The small pieces of glass may not be picked up by a broom or a vacuum cleaner, a lint roller is a better alternative to prevent cuts and scratches.
  5. Remove Dandruff – The lint roller will easily pick up the dandruff from the clothes.
  6. Control Peeling from Sunburn – This is a soothing way to use lint rollers as the sticky surface will gently peel off the remaining dead skin cells.
  7. Remove Pests from Pets – Visible ticks or fleas, as well as dirt and leaves from the fur of the cat or dog, may be easily picked up by a lint roller.
  8. Christmas Clean Up – The fallen needles and other glittery decorations from the Christmas tree may be picked up by the sticky surface of the lint roller.
  9. Cleaning the Pool Table – Because of the sensitive material of the felt, a lint roller is the recommended tool in cleaning the pool table. The accumulated dirt or debris on the table will damage the pelt and provide for an uneven surface.
  10. Cleaning Textured Walls or Ceiling – With an extended handle, dust and fuzz will roll right off the sticky surface of the lint roller.
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