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Best Kelp Supplements for Dogs

Kelp is extracted from shallow waters and is a great source of nutrients, including iodine and minerals. It’s mainly used to maintain the metabolism of the dog, and reduce fleas. In addition to kelp, these supplements also contain Omega fatty acids, vitamins and other essential nutrients which help support your dog’s immune system, skin and coat. It also reduces arthritis and thyroid, and is great for your dog’s wellbeing. With a variety of kelp supplements available in the market, we have picked the best few.

Best Kelp Supplements for Dogs

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How to Find The Best Kelp Supplements for Dogs For Your dog

How to Buy The Best Kelp Supplements For Your Dog

When talking about health benefits that are necessary for your canine friend’s growth, we can’t just exclude kelp for giving a remarkable impact on every pup’s health! You may have known kelp as something that can make your dish incredibly flavorful, but they are certainly more than that. 

Kelp is very nutritious and mostly used in dietary supplements. You may be wondering if kelp is good for your dog. Well, the answer is a big yes. Kelp supplements are actually a good and natural way of making your dog healthy. Before proceeding to the buying guidelines, you might want to check the different health benefits that Fido can get from kelp supplements.

What are the Nutritional Benefits of Kelp Supplements to Your Dog? 

For starters, kelp is a rich source of minerals and natural multivitamins. This is because it directly absorbs minerals from underwater. With twenty-one amino acids, sixty different minerals (such as high fiber, calcium, potassium, boron, iodine, iron), and vitamins A, B12, C and E, providing kelp supplements are absolutely nutritious for your pooch in a number of ways:

  • If you noticed that your pooch is scratching most of the time, kelp supplements would definitely be useful! It helps in reducing the inflammation, itchiness, and skin conditions that your dog has like skin allergies. Aside from that, it enhances your dog’s coat, making it shinier and smoother.

  • Iodine in kelp helps your pup’s thyroid glands to be healthy. It prevents your pup from having hypothyroidism (in humans, goiter). 

  • Kelp in supplements reduces tartar build-up and dental plaque in your dogs. In studies, it is shown that it’s noticeable within a few weeks. 

  • Does your dog emit an unpleasant odor? This might be because of glands that don’t function appropriately. To remove the foul odor, kelp supplements can help. Various salts and minerals like iodine, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and iron present in kelp have a positive effect on the glandular system, pituitary gland, the adrenal gland, and thyroid gland. Even the glands that are responsible for regulating metabolism function properly with the help of kelp supplements. 

  • Prevention of iron deficiency is also one of the benefits that your furry pal undoubtedly needs. Studies show that kelp supplement improves blood’s ability in distributing oxygen to the cells. This may help your dog in healing from injuries faster. 

  • High calcium is also present in kelp supplements. This could prevent Fido from having bone conditions such as arthritis. 

  • Kelp also helps in the longevity of your canine friend. Natural amino acids such as glycine, alanine, arginine, proline, glutamic, and aspartic acids will help in tissue repair. Doctors recommend kelp supplements for dogs who have undergone surgeries because they tend to heal faster!

  • Most importantly, a kelp supplement is effective in improving your puppy’s other body functions. Benefits such as cleansing the digestive system, helping the heart to pump more blood efficiently, and making the immune system stronger are just a few. 

Factors to Consider When Buying Kelp Supplements for Your Dog

Heads up! Before anything else, choose wisely. This buying guide can help you find what’s best for Fido.

  • Ingredients

You would not go wrong with 100% all-natural supplements. This is basically the standard, so you should keep this in mind. Opt for gluten-free supplements. Most importantly, avoid products with artificial additives too. Unnecessary additives bring more harm than good.

Secondly, you might see a few supplements with iodine content. We know that too much of anything is not good. Well, too much iodine causes health issues like thyroid problems. If your dog already has thyroid issues, then it’s better to give them supplements that don’t have too much iodine. 

  • Form

You might also want to consider the form of the supplement. Kelp supplement does not only come in tablets but also capsule or liquid, and powdered form. Think of what would be the most convenient for your pup. If he can’t swallow tablets or capsules easily, then opt for the powdered or liquid type which you can sprinkle over the food.

  • Brand

You might want to search for manufacturers that are already known when it comes to producing good kelp supplements. It’s your dog’s health that we are talking about here, so it’s important that you buy from tried and tested brands! Surely, their products are of good quality!

  • Dietary Requirements

Consulting the veterinarian first would definitely be a good idea. This is to ensure that you are buying something that is nothing but the best for your pet’s health. Fido’s safety should always be the top priority. Ask for the recommended dosage of the supplement to avoid any harmful side effects. 

  • Cost

Buying supplements that would not compromise your dog’s health comes with a price. It’s important that you save money for it so you can buy your furry baby the best kelp supplements. Consistency is crucial. If you want to see results, ensure that Fido takes the supplements regularly.

Although kelp supplements for dogs are very beneficial, it’s still taken with caution to avoid over-supplementation, most especially in dogs with thyroid problems. Remember to consult and ask for the right dosage to your trusted vet. With this article, we hope that you find kelp supplements a necessity for your pooch and consider stocking up for some! 

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