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Best Hemp-Based Dog Treats

Confused about giving hemp-based treats to your dog? You’re not alone. From ingestible oils to treats, there are a number of hemp-based products available in the market. Based on some pet parents’ experience, it can be said that hemp-based food products help with a variety of medical conditions – both physical and mental – in dogs. These include severe pain, arthritis, seizures, anxiety, loss of appetite, and cognitive dysfunction. To help you make the right choice, we have compiled a list of the best hemp-based dog treats currently available.

Best Hemp-Based Dog Treats

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How to Find The Best Hemp-Based Dog Treats For Your dog

Buying Guide for the Best Hemp-Based Dog Treats

Dogs do not only love playing, they also love eating. Aside from dog food for their daily meals, you should also give them dog treats. Dog treats are similar to human snacks. These are dog biscuits that can be used to teach new tricks and hone positive behavior among furry creatures. They serve as complimentary snacks for them. They contain special nutrients that your dog needs in their diet. You can give them snacks while giving them dietary supplements at the same time. 

There are many dog treats available out there, and one example that’s worth trying is the hemp-based dog treats. Continue reading our buying guide to know everything you need in buying the best dog treats.

What are Hemp Based Dog Treats?

Hemp-based dog treats, or popularly known as CBD dog treats, are special dog treats with cannabinoids (chemicals found in cannabis) used to treat your dog’s pain and illnesses. These are only to be given with your vet’s advice or prescription.

When to Use Hemp Based Dog Treats?

Nowadays, cannabinoids are getting popular for both humans and pets. However, these are no ordinary dog treats, and you should not buy them if you have no specific reasons at all. These are the following instances that your vet may recommend you giving your dog hemp-based dog treats.

  • Chronic Pain

Body pains can be usually treated with medicine, or even with simple rest. However, if your dog is still in pain after weeks, months, or a year, he is suffering from chronic pain. Cannabinoids are believed to ease chronic pains that can be found in hemp-based dog treats.

  • Stiffness

Active and/or older dogs are more likely to suffer from stiffness due to arthritis. If not treated immediately, this could develop pain or fatigue for several weeks or months. You can notice this especially in the morning. Hemp-based dog treats can ease the pain of your beloved dog.

  • Anxiety

Yes, you read it right. Dogs can have anxiety too. Anxiety can affect all breeds of dogs in different ways. In fact, it is something that dogs suffer from time to time. Studies have shown that cannabinoids can lessen anxiety attacks, which are the primary component of hemp-based dog treats.

  • Seizure

The most common cause of seizures in dogs is idiopathic epilepsy, and it is hereditary among them. Symptoms of dog seizures include collapsing, jerking, stiffening, muscle twitching, loss of consciousness, drooling, chomping, tongue chewing, or foaming at the mouth. If any of these symptoms are found in your pup, and your vet gives the go signal, you can give them hemp-based dog treats to ease them.

Things to Consider When Buying the Right Hemp Based Dog Treats

Now that you know the basics, and what you’re getting from hemp-based dog products, you might definitely become too curious to try right away. Just a friendly reminder from us: finding what’s best for Fido is the key! Get started by considering these factors before buying a product.

  • Hemp Source

Before anything else, you have to rely on the hemp source. You have to ensure that you’re going for quality, not quantity. In this case, a naturally-grown hemp source is what your pooch needs.

  • Effectiveness

Aside from the fact that you need a primary natural source, you also have to ensure that it’s working. There are a lot of products that claim they’re organic, but do they have an impact on your dog’s lifestyle? 

An effective hemp-based dog treats product would provide visible changes. After regular consumption, you should see changes within a timeframe, depending on your dog’s needs. For instance, you may see that your dog’s mood is becoming better. Fido might not feel stiff as much as possible, or you’ve dealt with fewer seizures compared to previous weeks. These are signs that the product works.

  • Brand

Only trust reputable brands. Hemp-based products are still uncommon in the market, so you may find it hard to discover multiple brands to choose from. Always seek a brand mostly trusted by a lot of fur parents. Product reviews can definitely help, and your vet’s advice will help you come up with a decision.

  • Price

We understand if you want to opt for something budget-friendly. The thing is, price is not the only thing you should consider. If a product has bad reviews, but it comes at a lower cost, that’s still a red flag. Remember, quality comes with a price. 

Hemp-based dog treats can help you in teaching new dog tricks while giving the supplement they need. Hitting two birds with one stone is such a convenient thing. However, keep in mind that everything is good, but in moderation. Before giving CBD dog treats to your dog, you must consult your vet first. Consider our buying guide as you buy one for your beloved pup.

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