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Find the Perfect Heated Dog House to Keep Your Dog Safe in the Cold

Find the Perfect Heated Dog House for Your Pup

Heated dog houses can save a dog’s life. Our team has real world experience dealing with hot and cold weather injuries in our canine partners. Please, take the steps today to save your dog’s life.

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Placing a dog house on a cement surface or bare ground isn’t a great idea. This arrangement makes for a bitterly cold living environment in the wintertime. The best outdoor dog houses feature a raised wooden floor, side panels, and a slanted roof. Expanded polystyrene foam between the panels keeps the cold air out while retaining warmth. Wood is a far superior insulator than plastic, providing a robust and stable structure. Choosing a cedar wood material provides a natural deterrent against fleas and ticks.

How to Find the Perfect Heated Dog house For You

Keep reading to learn more about heated dog houses and reasons you might consider getting one.

Heated dog houses are great for keeping your dog comfortable and warm when the weather gets colder. There are some dog breeds will also happen to prefer a heated dog house when it’s just in their nature to find a warm spot to sleep in.

Here’s what you should know about heated dog houses and why it’s a great idea to get one for your dog before the winter comes.

There are many dog breeds that don’t take well to cold weather at all; many times, these include smaller dogs like chihuahuas. If you want to keep your dog nice and warm when temperatures drop, a heated dog house is the perfect way to do it – and it can sort out any common temperature-related issues that your dog might have.

Heated Dog Houses for Older Dogs

It’s common for older dogs to start experiencing the first symptoms of arthritis, and once this happens, the application of heat is one of the best ways to relieve discomfort. A heated dog house can greatly alleviate the symptoms and discomfort that come with conditions like arthritis in older dogs.

Heated Dog Houses for Colder Temperatures

In many areas of the U.S., temperatures usually drop around winter, and this is a time when most dog experts recommend that you let your dogs inside the house – yes, lower temperatures are as dangerous to dogs as they are to humans, and it can often make many health conditions like arthritis worse.

If your dog is an outdoor dog, though, or if they are comfortable being outside in the cold, a heated dog house protects your dog from colder temperatures, and gives them a perfect place to sleep in when the temperatures start reaching to below-zero levels.

Read the Instructions

If you’ve never used a heated dog house before, always read the instructions that came with the dog house. The instructions will have specific guidelines for how to use your heated dog house, how to best clean your dog house and how to get the best use out of it for you and your dog.

Do some planning ahead so that you know more or less what size you’re going to need for your space, and which size is best for the type of dog that you have.

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