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Best Gluten Free Jerky Treats for Dogs

It’s difficult to find a dog that will turn down a jerky treat because of how tasty the natural flavor of the meat is to eat. Unfortunately, gluten is often a hidden ingredient in the jerky treats, which can lead to digestive issues or allergies in some pets. Gluten-free jerky treats are a healthier and cleaner alternative to serve your dog. There are a few gluten-free jerky treats worth serving your dog in-between meals so they can get rewarded for good behavior and enjoy a wholesome snack.

Destin Benoit, a special forces canine handler, says, “I’ve found gluten-free jerky treats to be easier for my dog to digest and doesn’t lead to stomach upset. They often taste more natural and my dog finds them more appetizing because of the cleaner ingredients used.”

Best Gluten Free Jerky Treats for Dogs

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