Discover the Best Food for Your Senior Dog

Find the Perfect Senior Dog Food for Your Pup

It is important that you provide your dog with a balanced diet at every single stage of life. The better your dog’s diet, the longer it will live, and the healthier and happier it will be during those years. But this perhaps becomes most obvious as your dog reaches more advanced years. None of us likes to even think about our dog getting older, but the truth is that as they age, their joints can start to deteriorate, their skin can start to dry out, their eyes can glaze over, and they generally don’t look or act the way they once did. The thing is though, a lot of these symptoms that we associate with old age are not unavoidable. If you give your dog the right healthy diet, then you can prevent a lot of the breakdown and degeneration that we associate with old age. Likewise, you can avoid making it worse by avoiding unwanted sugars and other additives. If you give your dog a good diet with plenty of antioxidants, then you might see their health improve as those ingredients neutralize the damaging effect of free radicals that can otherwise damage cells. If you give your dog the best balance of natural, healthy nutrients and amino acids meanwhile, then your dog will be better at repairing damage and generally keeping its body healthy and preventing the muscles from growing weaker. Likewise, the right amount of calcium and magnesium can prevent the bones becoming damaged.

To find the best food for your older pup, first find out their size based on DogGear standards:

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