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It is important that you provide your dog with a balanced diet at every single stage of life. The better your dog’s diet, the longer it will live, and the healthier and happier it will be during those years. But this perhaps becomes most obvious as your dog reaches more advanced years. None of us likes to even think about our dog getting older, but the truth is that as they age, their joints can start to deteriorate, their skin can start to dry out, their eyes can glaze over, and they generally don’t look or act the way they once did. The thing is though, a lot of these symptoms that we associate with old age are not unavoidable. If you give your dog the right healthy diet, then you can prevent a lot of the breakdown and degeneration that we associate with old age. Likewise, you can avoid making it worse by avoiding unwanted sugars and other additives. If you give your dog a good diet with plenty of antioxidants, then you might see their health improve as those ingredients neutralize the damaging effect of free radicals that can otherwise damage cells. If you give your dog the best balance of natural, healthy nutrients and amino acids meanwhile, then your dog will be better at repairing damage and generally keeping its body healthy and preventing the muscles from growing weaker. Likewise, the right amount of calcium and magnesium can prevent the bones becoming damaged.

To find the best food for your older pup, first find out their size based on DogGear standards:

Our selections for smaller dogs are up first, while our choices for medium and large dogs are further down the page. You can also try our quiz, which will provide a recommendation for your dog based on their needs.

Best Senior Dog Food

Our canine senior companions often require special nutritional support in order to maintain and improve activity levels, quality of life and longevity. In the veterinary world we consider dogs older than seven seniors or geriatric. As a general rule, unless they have any health conditions requiring a special diet (please see our special diets section), seniors require high protein, low calorie, low sodium, fewer carbohydrates and antioxidants. All of these elements combine to maintain muscle mass, protect their organ systems, support a healthy immune system and support a healthy body condition score. This is a great tool to assist you determining the most appropriate senior dog food for your best friend.

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 Best Senior Food for Dogs

Best Senior Dog Food for Small Dogs

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*The DogGear team did not stop with small senior dog food, we looked at senior dog food for medium dogs as well. Check out our top choices!

Best Senior Dog Food for Medium Dogs

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*Finally, we reviewed the best senior dog food for large dogs.

Best Senior Dog Food for Large Dogs

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DogGear Philosophy

Finding the perfect senior dog food can be stressful for any dog lover. Here at DogGear, we understand the impact of changing food. There is no neutral response. We hope we have helped you find the right senior food for your pup. If you are in need of natural, healthy, or grain free foods or just aren’t sure, take our quiz. You can also check out our best dog foods. We cover of a number of special diets here and many visitors have found this page to be extremely helpful.

Find the Perfect Food For Your Senior Dog

Learn more below about how to find the best food for your aging dog.

Older dogs who have been around for a while have different needs than younger dogs, and their diet has to change to reflect their lifestyle and keep them in the best health possible. There are many types of senior dog food available on the market, and dog owners should put some thought into choosing the right one for your dog.

Here’s how to pick the right one to ensure your dog stays healthy for as long as possible.

Dogs’ Needs as They Age

As dogs get older, their needs get a little different and they often need more vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients to give their ageing bones the bit of a boost that can kick-start their health again.

The best types of senior dog food are designed for bone, muscle, and digestive health all at once, and you’ll likely see your dog’s health improve after you’ve switched them to the right food at the right time.

When is your dog ready for senior dog food? Usually, when they start showing their age. Owners know their dogs and can tell when their dogs are starting to slow down a little and prefer things a little quieter.

What Makes Senior Dog Food Different

Senior dog food is often designed to have more nutrients than your average dog food, and this is because older dogs need a different kind of diet to stay in good health. They’re in need of more vital minerals for their bodies, and a good senior dog food can meet all of their needs.

If you have a senior dog on regular dog food, you’ll start to see it in their health – and they might eventually even refuse to eat their regular dog food. No, this isn’t your dog being fussy, it’s instead your dog trying to tell you that it’s time to switch their food to something more specialized – and your dog is usually right.

Meeting Special Needs

When we’re talking about senior dog food, dry dog food often isn’t enough to meet their needs completely. You might have to make a few changes to ensure their diet includes everything they need.

For example, dry senior dog food can often benefit from special gravy mixes – or even some meaty dog food over this – just to round off their diet. If you aren’t sure just what your dog needs for their health, check with your vet and have them make a recommendation for what you should do next.

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