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Best Fancy Dog Beds

Fancy dog beds are a great way to show your pet how much you love them. Plush fabrics, deep cushioning, and high-end construction are hallmarks of luxury bedding that supports a restful night’s sleep for your dog. They can start each day feeling refreshed and energetic, ready to play with you. 

Julia Yoo, Doodle lover and economic consultant, says, “Having a special place your dogs know belongs to them can help them feel secure in your home.”  

Best Fancy Dog Beds

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How to Find The Best Fancy Dog Beds For Your dog


Like humans, dogs need to sleep to recharge their energy and to promote growth and overall well-being. Dogs generally need about fourteen to sixteen hours of sleep per day so it’s only natural to provide them with the best beds so they can have a long and stress-free rest. While some pet owners believe that the floor is an adequate enough sleeping area for their dogs, providing them luxury dog beds is the better option. Fancy dog beds are available in a wide array of styles and shapes so it’s important to learn about the different kinds of fancy dog beds and the factors to consider so you can ensure that your dog is comfortable and living in good health.

Types of Fancy Dog Beds

  •       Pillow Bed

Also called cushion beds, these dog beds have flat and even surfaces which makes it the most ideal for dogs large or small. Pillow beds are usually rectangular and resembling the style of a regular mattress, but you can also choose circular and square shapes if that is what your dog needs. Most pillow beds are made from breathable materials such as cotton and polyester.

  •       Orthopedic Bed

Orthopedic beds are designed to help dogs with old age and other health problems. This type of bed is made with orthopedic foam that will conform to your pet’s body. It also provides pressure point relief so you can be assured that your dog will be able to sleep comfortably. Aside from elderly dogs, we recommend using this for service dogs and pets who are recovering from medical procedures.

  •       Donut Bed

Donut beds have shallow cushions and elevated sidewalls to give your dog a sense of comfort and security. The soft-walled sides will keep your dog from feeling cold because these can minimize drafts and keep the body heat of your pets intact. Also, the design gives your dogs the feeling of being cradled so you can use it to give them a sense of familiarity when you’re trying to train your dogs into sleeping in the enclosure.

  •       Heated Bed

Heated beds provide extra warmth for dogs of all ages, but it’s especially helpful for pets who suffer from joint pain. The warm surfaces will target your dog’s pressure points so they can sleep better during cold nights. Heated dog beds can either be self-warming loungers or made with heating pads, but most models require an electrical outlet. We recommend selecting a heated bed that has multiple heating settings so you can adjust the level of warmth depending on your dog’s needs.

  •       Dog Cot

Dog cots are elevated beds that provide off the floor comfort. These are usually used for outdoor lounging when the floor is too cold for your dog or when the ground is too hot for your dog’s skin. Most dog cots are equipped with plastic or metal legs with mesh-like nylon for better breathability. Some dog cots also have canopies that protect your dog from all types of weather and these are usually able to dry off quickly when wet.

What to Look For in Fancy Dog Beds

  •       Material

The materials are important because you want your dog to get the best sleep quality. There are two main components of dog bed materials: the filling and the outer cover. Filling is important because this will determine the level of comfort that your dog will have. Memory foam beds soften the surface from your dog’s body heat, but if you want a cheaper alternative, you should choose a support foam. If you want a bed that would conform to your dog’s figure, Polyfiber beds are similar to bean bags, but it’s not ideal for heavier dogs. There are also dog beds that are made from cedar chips to keep fleas, ticks, and other unpleasant odors from the bed. As for the dog bed covers, we recommend getting a removable and machine washable material. Cotton, polyester, fleece, and faux suede are ideal cover materials because they are light and breathable.

  •       Size

When selecting a dog bed size, you should take into account the weight and length of your dog. There is no one size fits all for dog beds and you should consider not only the bulk of your dog but also its sleeping position. Large dog breeds measure about thirty inches in height and 100 pounds or more while smaller breeds weigh about twenty-five pounds and measure up to ten inches. In choosing the right size for your dog, the general rule is to select a bed that is about five inches wider than the size of your dog so it can have more freedom to sprawl around.

  •       Style

There are a number of designs available, but it’s not an easy task to select the right style. You should consider the sleeping position of your dog. If it likes to sleep curled up, you should get a bed that has wider sides. A padded bed is more ideal if your dog likes to stretch out and move a lot. You can also match your luxury dog beds with the décor of your house so the dog bed won’t seem out of place.

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