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Best Electric Broom for Dog

An electric broom is a lightweight time-saver that will make your life easier if you have a dog. It will easily pick up your dog’s fur and dander as well as any dirt they track into the house. The problem arises when attempting to choose a winning model. We took out guesswork using our years of expertise and sweeping through plenty of hopefuls to find the best options available.

Best Electric Broom

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To locate the perfect contender, we closely examined each electric broom in the following categories to ensure satisfaction.

Versatility – We tested each model on different types of flooring to see how they handled switching between locations, such as hardwoods, carpets, and more.

Weight and Maneuverability – Naturally, the lighter the model the better. We also looked at how well the sweeping end could glide across an area without getting stuck on itself.

Power – Next we examined how well the electric brooms we tested picked up varying sizes of debris and if they could clear away dander and dirt safely.

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