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Best Dog Walking Bag

Taking your dog out on a walk is a big responsibility. While it’s a good time to bond with your furry friend, it can get a bit tedious with so many things to carry along! To make things easier, keep a dog walking bag on you so the only thing you need to have in your hands is your dog’s leash. Meanwhile, your phone, the poo bags and the doggy treats can go into the walking bag. The options are endless.

Best Dog Walking Bag

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How to Find The Best Dog Walking Bag For Your dog

Choosing the Best Dog Walking Bag

Some dog breeds stay tiny and lightweight even in their senior years, but for some—they grow massive and heavy. Whatever dog breed you’re currently taking care of right now, utmost love and care are important. Engaging with your dog by walking him every day is one thing, but have you struggled in doing it? Aside from a leash, why not buy a dog walking bag where you can store all your items and dog treats with you? 

Types of Dog Walking Bags

You’re probably thinking that walking bags are pretty similar to one another. With all the choices you have, you can definitely discover new dog essentials every single day. There are so many walking bags in the market that you could see. Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place to know what’s best for you and your dog.

Now for the basics, here are a few types of dog walking bags.

  • Waist Pack or Belt Bag  

This type of dog walking bag has a belt with compartments and a leash for your pooch. The compartments are small pockets where you could put anything, whether it may be a water bottle, your phone and dog pee poo pads. Waist packs or belt bags are perfect for hands-free walking with dogs. They’re made from durable fabric, and some are waterproof too!

  • Front Pack 

If you want to carry your dog by using your shoulders, you can opt for front packs. This type is extremely lightweight, water-resistant, and machine-washable. It holds your dog and the rest of your essentials all at once! 

  • Shoulder Bag or Cross Body Bag 

If you prefer bringing a small bag for carrying your dog while being stylish, then this bag is for you. This type can be worn in three ways: crossbody style, over the shoulder and as a waist bag. This is ideal for dog owners who only need to use it for solely walking or carrying dogs. They also have small, deep compartments which can be efficient for less heavy and bulky items.

  • Treat Pouches 

This type allows you to have easy access to treats. Let’s say if your pooch is a good gal or boy for the day, you can simply grab a few goodies from these pouches and enjoy. One more good thing about them is that they have a poop bag dispenser. They are easy to clean and they are affordable. However, just like small body bags, they have limited storage. 

How to Choose the Right Dog Walking Bag

Knowing the types, you are now a few steps closer in choosing the right dog walking bag for you! Here are the things you might want to consider.

  • Dog Walking Bag Essentials

You might be wondering why you have to list some stuff when you’re just buying a walking bag for your pooch. Regardless, we want you to sit down, get a pen and paper, then start writing everything that you need to carry for a typical dog walk. Consider listing what you would put in a dog hiking bag for longer travel times or exposure outdoors as well. 

Once you have a list, consider all the pet essentials that you will put inside the bag together with your dog. This will give an idea of what size, shape and type of functionality you are looking for. 

  • Quality and Durability 

Consider buying a walking bag with compartments for your pets’ belongings. Look out for leak-proof, stain-resistant, machine washable and easy to clean properties. It’s important that you get what you would pay for! Select a bag made from durable fabric too. Durability is the key to a long-lasting dog walking bag.

  • Waterproof

Your chosen dog walking bag needs to be useful even when the weather changes. Imagine you are walking your dog outside and the rain suddenly poured. The last thing you want to do is to dry your dog and find a huge mess in your wet dog walking bag. It is better to have a waterproof one to keep your stuff dry and safe even when it is exposed to wet or humid areas.

  • Leash

One of the features of the walking bag is they come with a leash. Now, if you want a leash for your dog together with the walking bag then it’s best to choose one with a front clip harness. Walking your dog with a front clip harness is easier and more convenient. 

  • Price

As you narrow down your choices, check if it would be affordable for you and fit your budget. You won’t have to worry if a product has the cheapest price point, as long as it meets all the factors you considered in choosing a walking bag. Expensive dog walking bags don’t always guarantee high quality.

With all the guidelines we’ve shared, you are now good to go and buy the best walking bag out there. So go, wear the bag, attach the harness, let your pooch wear the leash, and walk for a new adventure.

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