Discover the Best Undercoat Rake for Your Adult Dog or Puppy

Find the Perfect Dog Undercoat Rake for Your Pup

Undercoat rakes are used for dogs who have thick fur. They help you get underneath the top coat to grab the fur that won’t fall out on its own. Undercoat rakes can be used either after you bathe your dog or throughout the week to pamper your pup. The DogGear team has spent over 30 hours using and testing undercoat rakes, and we hope you find that one of our top picks will work for your dog!

If you are new to DogGear, we recommend determining whether your dog is small, medium, or large by our standards:

We’ve broken our undercoat rake recommendations into categories based on dog size. Our selections for small dogs are first. If your dog is medium- or large-sized, scroll to the lower sections. If you’re not sure which undercoat rake will work best for your dog, you can take our quiz. It will help us provide you with a personalized recommendation based on the time our team has spent researching undercoat rakes!