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Sometimes, having a dog is similar to having a child. They need regular care and attention, might need you to comfort them, and rely on you to provide their every need. The other thing that’s pretty similar between dogs and kids is the number of toys. Both dogs and kids can build up quite the collection! That’s why we recommend all dog owners to get a storage spot for dog toys. In your own home, this will give you a single place to keep all those slobbery, torn apart toys that you don’t necessarily want on display when someone comes to visit.

A dog toy box also gives you an easy way to bring the toys with you and also means you won’t make a mess at everyone else’s home. With all that said, here are some of the best dog toy boxes available right now.

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Any of these boxes will do the trick holding your dog’s toys together and letting you bring them with you easily. If you’re on the hunt for toys to store in these boxes, check out our page about the top dog toys!

Buying a Dog Toy Box

So what makes a good toy box? Read on for our toy box selection tips!

Tips for Finding the Best Dog Toy Box

There are a surprising number of factors to consider when choosing a dog toy box.

The first is that you want it to be something that’s not going to look too out of place in your home. If you have a beautifully decorated front room, then you might not want a garish plastic bin sitting right in the way when you come in.

At the same time though, it should also be something that isn’t too nice. After all, a dog toy box is going to get slobbery and muddy fast. It shouldn’t be an antique chest of drawers! In fact, you may want to allow your dog to rummage in there themselves to get things out – which is a lot of fun for a dog.

You do want the box to be large enough to store all the items that you have at once. You may wish for it to be easy to move and bring with you when visiting guests or sending your dog to the kennels – it depends on how you are likely to end up using it.

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