Discover the Best Sweater for Your Adult Dog or Puppy

Find the Perfect Sweater for Your Pup

What could be cuter than a furry little dog? Well, how about a furry little dog wearing a sweater? Not only do dog sweaters look cute, but they can actually be a very good investment for your dog’s health, as well. That is of course because a dog sweater will help your pup to enjoy a warmer body temperature even when it is very cold out. Dog sweaters do this not only by adding an additional layer of insulation, but also by giving them the much-needed wind barrier that they need to avoid getting cold. But we know what you’re thinking: dogs are wild animals with coats that are designed to keep them warm naturally!

Well, while that may be true, it is also the case that we have domesticated our dogs. They are used to being indoors in the warm, and not only that, but they have much shorter coats and thinner skin than their wolf ancestors. So a doggy jacket or sweater can make a big difference. To find the best sweater for your dog, check out our selections below, which we’ve based on dog size, usually based by their weight:

With all that said, here are some of the best dog sweaters out there!