Discover the Best Dog Stairs for Your Adult Dog or Puppy

Find the Perfect Dog Stairs for Your Pup

If your dog is very small, or if they are very old, then they might struggle with things such as getting up and down off of furniture. That’s where dog stairs come in. Rather than forcing your dog to have to make the daring leap from sofa to floor (quite a long way if they are small in stature) or forcing them to climb up slowly with bad knees, dog stairs let you help your dog up without risking injury and without impacting their joints. There is always the option to help your dog up and down – but this won’t always be an option if you have a bad back or if you aren’t physically able.

We’ve chosen the top dog stairs for our three different sizes of dogs, which we usually determine by weight:

Stairs for small dogs are up first, and you can find our top picks for medium and large dogs further down the page.