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Best Dog Socks


Show pups some love with fun statement socks that can double as a great conversation starter. Give yourself a more approachable vibe while connecting with other dog lovers and keeping your feet comfortable.


Destin Benoit, Former Special Forces Canine Handler, states, “After working in highly stressful environments I can fully appreciate anything that expresses a bit of old fashioned fun. I definitely take full advantage of wearing my colorful canine socks whenever I can.”

Best Dog Socks

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How to Find The Best Dog Socks For Your dog

Dog Socks

A dog sock is a garment worn on the paws of dogs and is very useful for several reasons. It protects the feet of the dog against severe weather conditions, cuts and bruises, along with dirt and debris. In the case of surgery or wounds, a sock may also serve as a barrier to prevent bacteria and germs from infecting the wounds. Socks may also be helpful for the dogs who love walking, running, and playing outside as they are prone to get cuts and scratches from rough and abrasive surfaces. A sock can also help dogs in warming up their paws. Additionally, a dog wears socks at home and also protects the delicate surfaces of the floor. Since dogs have a natural tendency to scratch, dig, and burrow, the dog socks will protect the furniture and upholstery.

Features to Look For in Dog Socks

Socks should have a protective sole, this will protect the paws of dogs from abrasion especially if the dog is very active and tends to run all the time. It should also be waterproof in order to effectively repel water, dirt, and mud when playing outside of the home. The sock should also have a non-slip padding to help the dog in navigating the slippery surfaces in the house such as in the kitchen or the bathroom. The non-slip padding is also helpful for senior dogs with arthritis and hip dysplasia. Moreover, the elastic band at the top of the sock should not be too tight so as to not cut off the circulation on the legs.

Socks may also serve as fashion wear especially for pets who love wearing costumes or attend theme events or parties. 

How to Choose Dog Socks

Material – The fabric should be hypoallergenic and machine washable, and should not contain harmful chemical dyes.

Size – The dog sock should fit well and should not have a too tight or too loose elastic band.

Design – Too many decorative elements may lead to tearing and biting. Examples of this include strings, laces, pompoms, and buttons. This is also a choking hazard.

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