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All of the DogGear team has been there: clipping our dogs’ nails and hitting the quick. We feel terrible when our dogs are in pain. Nail grinders have made it easier to avoid the quick. They are also much easier to use on dogs with extremely thick nails or dark nails. We have found nail grinders produce smooth edges, with the nails getting caught less on carpeting and upholstery.

Slowly introduce your dog to the grinder over time, you will be able to grind your dog’s nails regularly. With features such as low noise and low speed options, stress of grooming is greatly reduced for you and your pup. We really like our expert choice, contender, and bargain options, which work well for toy, small, medium, and large dogs alike.

Best Dog Nail Dremels

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Best Nail Grinders for Dogs

Best Nail Grinders for Dogs

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Stop cutting nails and starting grinding. Reduce grooming stress by incorporating one of these grinders into your grooming routine. It is easier on your dog and easier on you!

What Type Of Dog Nail Dremel Should You Get?

How to Choose the dog nail dremel  for Your Dog

Finding the correct dog nail dremel to use for your pet is not a process that you should rush through. Just as people do, dogs needs to have their nails maintained on a regular basis to keep them healthy. If they become too long, break, or are otherwise damaged in some fashion, it could easily cause them some form of medical injury, such as an infected paw or the like.

In order to find the correct dog nail dremel for your dog, you are going to want to take some time to do a little research and find a produce that works for both you and your pet based on a number of different factors. Before we can get into what factors you should primarily be paying attention to, we should attempt to answer a more pressing question at the outset, which is where you can find a quality dog nail dremel in the first place.

How Can You Find this Product?

There are a number of different means by which someone who is a pet owner can successfully locate a dog nail dremel for their beloved furry friend. There are two primary means by which this process can successfully be completed.

The first is to begin your search online, which will lead you to a plethora of options, especially from online retailers who specialize in carrying a wide variety of different products, such as dog nail dremels.

You can also attempt to buy one person at any number of pet supply stores, such as PetSmart, for example, as they will more than likely have them in stock and on the shelves. If they don’t, a customer associate from the store will more than likely be able to order one for you to pick up at the store at a later date.

What Are You Using the Product For?

The primary goal of using any type of nail dremel is going to be to maintain the nail length of your dog’s nails by grinding them down in a way that does hurt them at all. While there are many different types of dog nail dremels available on the market, they all are used for precisely the same exact reason.

What Kind of Dogs Would Benefit From Using This Product?

While different sized dogs may respond better to dog nail dremels that have different features, any type of dog would benefit from using this product, as all dogs need to have their nails maintained to both upkeep their health and to prevent property damage in your home or apartment.

How to Choose the Best Dog Nail Dremel for Your Dog

When it comes to your dog, we know that you won’t settle for anything less than the best. Choosing which product to take home can be confusing at times, especially now that there are so many products out there to choose from. There are also a lot of reviews to consider. However, the most important factor of all is how it works for your dog. Is your dog scared of strange noises? Does the concept of grooming excite him? Does your dog have thick nails?

If your dog doesn’t like strange noises, you may want to consider a more traditional method of nail trimming. A dremel can be irritating and may make many dogs nervous.

Dogs who enjoy being groomed might enjoy the idea of trying out a nail dremel. It’s a way to make your dog truly feel like they’re being pampered, while also making it easy for you to avoid the quick.

Dogs with thicker nails will also probably appreciate a nail dremel, since it presents much less of a struggle than regular clippers might.

What to Look for in a Nail Dremel

Nail dremels should come with or have the ability to work with replacement bits. The grinding part will wear down over time, so you need to have an easy way to replace it and keep up your pup’s grooming routine. It’s also very helpful for dremels to be battery operated (most are). This way, you can trim your dog’s nails without any cords in the way.

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