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There are probably as many leashes out there as there are dogs, and each one has its pros and cons. Read on to find one that works!

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We have broken our selections into three size-based categories. Our selection of leashes for small dogs is first. If your dog is medium or large, please skip to the lower sections. If you are not sure what type of leash is right for you and your dog, try completing our short quiz, which will take you less than a minute. This will help us recommend the best leash based on the time our team has spent researching hundreds of options.

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Best Dog Leashes for Small Dogs

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*The DogGear team did not stop with leashes for small dogs, we moved on and analyzed the dog leashes for medium dogs as well. Read on to gain knowledge and save time.

Best Dog Leashes for Medium Dogs

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*Last, and certainly not least, the DogGear team did not forget about large dog leashes!

Best Dog Leashes for Large Dogs

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There are so many leashes out there, and we hope these ideas have given you a good place to start looking. If you need further recommendations, try taking our quick quiz. It will generate a personalized recommendation for you and your pup.

How to Find The Best Dog Leashes For Your dog


Having a pet dog is like having a furry friend, but owning one means having responsibilities. Dogs, especially younger ones, tend to be more playful and during their playtime they can get rough. Untrained dogs usually get into trouble. They sometimes bite furniture, run around the house, knock things down accidentally, and sometimes get into fights with other pets. Even trained dogs tend to get hyperactive while playing especially when they are always cooped up in the house. One way to lessen these tendencies is to give them enough exercise by going for walks outside or letting them play with other pets in dog parks. However, going outside with a hyperactive and unruly dog can be troublesome since they can go running around anywhere which is why it is best to keep them on a leash when going outside. There are different types of leashes that can fit a dog’s personality and we are here to help you provide information on which ones to choose so you can select which dog leash best fits your furry friend.


  •       Standard Dog Leash

A standard dog leash is a usual leash that you can buy at a pet shop and even on a hardware store since this is a common leash. You can usually find one with a length of four to eight feet and it is usually made up of flat nylon leash. The width of the leash depends on the size of the dog since a small width can withstand smaller to medium-sized dogs while a wider width is more compatible for larger dogs. This leash should be both durable and lightweight to give control and comfort at the same time. The standard leash is commonly used for training puppies or dogs of larger sizes.

  •       Retractable Leash

Retractable leashes are long leashes that can extend up to twenty-six feet and retracts into a case. The leash also features a locking mechanism to stop it from extending so you can shorten it according to your desired length. This leash is best used on trained dogs who love to roam since you can let your dog wander around while still having control. On the other hand, this is not ideal to use if your pet is not accustomed to going outside since most dogs can acquire a habit of pulling on the leash against your command if they get too excited about their surroundings.

  •       Adjustable Leash

An adjustable leash is like a standard leash, but with more adjustable loops. These loops can be altered to change the length of the leash. This feature can be useful for different kinds of training for your dog. You can even tie a loop to your waist so you can jog or run while having your dog at your side running with you without the hassle of holding a leash. Although, tying it on your waist is only advisable if your dog is well trained since strong or large dogs can pull you out of balance.

  •       Slip Leads

Slip leads are leashes that can also act as a collar and leash at the same time. The leash loops onto itself to create a collar-like shape that goes over your dog’s head. This type of leash is only advisable to be used on a well-behaved dog since the collar can easily tighten or loosen. This feature can be hazardous to dogs who tend to pull on the leash or run off since the loop can tighten on your dog’s neck and may cause choking. Slip leads are also not ideal for training since the loop can become accidentally loosened.

  •       Heavy-Duty Leash

A heavy-duty leash is sturdier and is specifically designed for control and guidance. This type of leash is ideal for larger breeds or headstrong dogs. Unlike other leashes, a heavy-duty leash has a built-in handle to provide more control and grip on the leash. It is also made from more durable materials to withstand strong forces and gnawing from your dog.

  •       Double Dog Leash

The only thing better than owning a dog is owning another one. This is where the double dog leash comes in handy. If you do not have anyone available to bring your other dog for a walk then this double dog leash can help you walk two dogs together. The leash starts with a swivel clasp so you can attach a standard leash which then splits into two so you can tie two dogs at each side. This leash is usually built sturdier so it can handle the weight of two dogs and will keep it from tangling with each other. Double dog leases are ideally used on well-trained dogs since two large and unruly dogs can out power you.

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